Safer Gambling Requires Increased Transparency

Kosta Kostadinov | Published 26 Oct 2022, 1:28 p.m.

Making the gambling industry a safe place for players is the number one goal of the UK Gambling Commission and other institutions. Because of this, the regulator introduced numerous new rules and regulations to minimise and prevent gambling-related issues for those involved.

Moreover, institutions and organisations have conducted studies and surveys to see if the situation is changing. One of the latest and slightly controversial studies was about whether gambling has become a public health issue. This time, a study has been conducted about safety and has revealed some concerning finding regarding transparency.

Online sites must provide greater transparency

Based on the newest research conducted by Bournemouth University, the transparency offered by online betting sites needs to be drastically improved. This research, part of the Responsible Gambling Projects, was sponsored by GambleAware, giving it somewhat more legitimacy.

The findings revealed that online betting sites must do a better job of informing the players. Some of this information includes pay-out rates, the tools in place to make gambling safer, and how the players' information is being used and processed. 

In some cases, the site had provided all the necessary information, but getting to them was overly complicated, requiring numerous clicks. Other times, the safe gambling information was at the bottom and could be easily lost among the rest of the text.

John McAlaney, a Professor of Psychology at the University, says, "Online gambling involves unique risks, but also unique opportunities to provide transparency and promote safer gambling strategies. In our research we have demonstrated how operators can implement changes to ensure that people who gamble online can do so in an informed and responsible way."

Some of the recommendations include the following:

  • Realistic information about the games' success rates;
  • Closer collaboration between the industry and researchers, resulting in better tools for safe gambling;
  • Clear and precise information about how each game works.

Zoë Osmond GambleAware's Chief Executive said, "This report makes some important recommendations for gambling operators to place greater focus and importance on safer gambling messages on their websites and ensure people are aware of the risks. This research serves as further proof that we need to see the gambling White Paper published as soon as possible to avoid further gambling harm."

Safer Gambling Week breaking online records

Safer Gambling Week 2022 took place during the penultimate week of October and broke its record of social media impressions. Compared to 2021, when it generated 25 million impressions, the event reached a record-breaking 30 million impressions this year.

It was also actively supported by many prominent figures both inside and outside the industry. Since the campaign aims to raise awareness and encourage safe gambling, these numbers are undoubtedly positive and inspiring. 

Michael Dugher, the chief executive of BGC, said, "The campaign has once again raised awareness about safer gambling and showcased increasingly popular safer gambling tools – like timeouts and deposit limits – that only exist in the regulated industry."


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