Sports Betting Venue to Open at Washington Stadium

Viktor Vangelov | Published 6 Oct 2019, 9:21 p.m.

We discussed the sports betting market in the United States on more than one occasion. There are plenty of states that are looking to legalise sports betting in the upcoming period and many that already did it. Last month we reported that Michigan is one step closer to legalising sports betting

Before that, earlier this summer, it was announced that Illinois, i.e. its state authorities also intend to legalise sports betting. Massachusetts is also considering that option, and it seems that we won’t have to wait too long before at least half of the US states legalise sports betting.

Mobile betting will also be offered

This time, we’re bringing you the story that William Hill is going to open a sports betting shop inside stadiums in Washington DC. The betting provider signed a partnership deal with Monumental Sports & Entertainment, a company that owns few sports collectives, including the Washington Capitals who compete in the NHL and the Washington Wizards – the basketball team based in the US capital.

William Hill will earn the right to open a betting shop at the Capitol One Arena, the stadium where the two abovementioned teams compete, as well as the WNBA Washington Mystics. This will be the first betting operation to be launched at a stadium where professional teams compete.

The new betting facility will be multi-store venue that will be open every day, 365 days a year and will be accessible from a nearby street, which means that even fans who don’t held tickets for an event will be able to visit it and place wagers. Punters will also be able to place mobile wagers, via the announced mobile betting app.

Many believe that the establishment of the venue will mark the beginning of a new era in the US sports betting industry, with some predicting that numerous other states will soon follow suite and start offering sports betting at their stadiums.

UKGC releases reminder to companies planning to leave the market.

While the future for the US betting industry seems a lot brighter, considering that many states have already legalised betting, while others are on the brink of doing it, the situation in the UK is pretty much the opposite, with the authorities keen on introducing harsher regulations.

Just recently, the UK Gambling Commission decided to issue a reminder aimed at all providers that are looking to leave the market, i.e. stop offering their services in the UK.

Companies have been warned that even if they became insolvent, the Commission may still take legal against them, both against the license holder, i.e. the company, as well as against persons within company ranks who have failed to comply with certain industry standards and regulations.

The UKGC expects all gambling business to be familiar with their liabilities and look for ways to solve any issues and warn punters that their winnings aren’t safe if the company becomes insolvent, so that they’ll be aware of the associated risks.

If a company decides to leave the market, the UKGC expects it to communicate this with its players and demonstrate an ability to remain on top of the whole situation. Expected communications include both direct communications, as well as social media reports and updates. The UKGC also advices punters that they should be aware of the businesses’ T&Cs when they sign up on a site.  

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