Swedish and Danish gambling authorities fine operators

Marta Dimitrov | Published 15 Dec 2021, 9:44 a.m.

Sticking to the rules that the gambling authorities impose is very important. Any inconvenience may bring a fine to the company. While we recently were writing about UKGC suspending BGO's operating license, now the Swedish and Danish gambling authorities impose some fines.

Betway is fined SEK 100,000 for violating its rules on bonuses by the Swedish Gambling Authority. This was because players at Betway could take advantage repeatedly of the short-lived 200% match bonus. This was launched in June and was intended for selected customers, but was made available to all.

Before Betway makes corrections, 53 bonuses were credited to 52 customers. From the company, it is confirmed that this has no impact on any of them as they were proactively contacted via email.

In addition to this, Betway also confirmed that it has made unable employees from its back-office management system to make marketing campaigns.  They will be further trained as well. 

“The Swedish Gambling Authority finds that the violation has been limited in time and number of players. Betway Limited has, upon immediate detection of the infringement, taking corrective action, as well as action to ensure what happened should not be repeated.” concluded the Swedish Gambling Authority.

Unibet is fined by the Danish Gambling Authority

The Unibet operator breached the anti-money laundering rules of the Danish Gambling Authority and actions have been taken.

The authority has found Unibet failed to observe its requirements regarding customer due diligence as well as its obligation to investigate suspicious behaviour under Denmark’s Anti-Money Laundering Act.

What happened it that the operator allowed a player to deposit DKK 1.4m ($213,010) somewhere between December 2016 and 2018 and had no knowledge of the origin of the money, i.e. if they originated from crime.

In 2015 already the Danish Gambling Authority already stated that the player, who was inactive at that time, would be monitored if he becomes active.

After requesting to submit documentation for the origin of the money in December 2018 the DGA confirmed the player’s suspicion, as he could not finance that money via his income.
Even though this occurred in 2018, the operator allowed the player to deposit DKK 1.8m during 2019 and up to April 2020.

After this breach, Unibet should file a report with the country’s Money Laundering Secretariat. Otherwise, it will face a bigger penalty.

“Since Unibet has not yet notified the Money Laundering Secretariat, the breach still exists and consequently, Unibet has received an order to correct the situation by making a report.” explain the DGA.


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