UK casino and betting operators point to a 2.6% increase in GGY

Cvetanka Cvetanovska | Published 6 Jun 2021, 5:39 p.m.

Recent data published by the UK Gambling Commission shows that casino operators generated a gross gambling yield of £560m in April 2021, which signals a 2.6% increase compared to March.

These numbers were gathered using data from operators representing around 80% of the online casino gaming market in the UK. Even though the UKGC has advised not to compare figures on a year-to-year level because of different operating circumstances, it’s pretty evident that there’s a slight rise in the GGY from March ’21 to April ’21.

The regulator agrees that the overall revenue figure was impacted by the significant events that took place last month, such as horseracing’s Grand National. Even though the total number of bets on the vertical fall from month to month, sports betting GGY jumped from £250.6 min March to £267.4m in April.

These are the other insights taken from the latest online operator data review for April:

Increase in real-event betting; slots remain still

The slots GGY remained relatively still with 202m in the period from March to April. On the other hand, the number of bets and active players decreased by 1%. The number of active online sessions that last longer than an hour decreased by 4%, where the average session length decreased to 20 minutes.

Esports continues to see continuous growth, where esports betting was up 2.7%. Real-event betting was the only niche to see an increase in active players, with 12% or 6.7 million players more.

The UKGC said that despite easing the COVID restrictions, operators still need to be cautious and vigilant against potential gambling-related harm. With many high-level sporting events that will take place over the next few months, operators and platforms need to stay on top of their game and be mindful of possible changes in consumer behaviour.

As users are omnipresent, operators need to stay accountable

The UKGC will continue to follow the recommendations and strengthened guidance. Moreover, they’ll take a closer look at the data that shows consumers expanding their range of betting and gaming portfolio. They expect operators to interact and react directly where there are specific triggers and take particular care when onboarding new customers.

In the end, the UKGC will continue to support the industry as land-based venues gradually adjust to the changes in restrictions and getting back to their usual working hours and conditions. Land-based casinos were called on many occasions in the last few months.
Recently we’ve reported that five land-based casinos have failed to follow codes for social responsibility.

These failures were identified as part of the regulator’s initiative to improve the standards in the gambling industry. As many indicators point out to illegal gambling and black market trends, it’s essential to identify and support further amends in the regulated UK market.

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