UK Charity launches gambling education program

Marta Dimitrov | Published 14 Sep 2021, 10:43 a.m.

A new gambling education program described as “a groundbreaking new youth education programme” has been created by the UK charity Gambling with Lives. It aims to prevent the harm of gambling in young people. It will appear as a pilot program in schools in Essex, Manchester and Northern Ireland.

According to the press release published by the charity Gambling with Lives, the aim is to put attention to how gambling awareness education is delivered to young people. Also, the lack of information should be further addressed.

The head of Education at Gambling with Lives, James Grimes, commented on the program. He said what makes the program unique is the fact it includes the role of addictive products and predatory marketing in causing harm. He then continues:

“We can protect the young by giving them information that is unbiased and evidence-based, raising awareness of how addiction occurs is better than just waiting for it to develop. But education is not enough, we need real change to regulation and enforcement to protect the public.”

The program of the charity covers basics about gambling, including understanding odds, risk and the “house edge”. It is also based on solid research about education about products such as drugs, tobacco and alcohol.

The program was launched yesterday in London and includes a short film as a key part of it. The film highlights the risk of harm from different gambling products and industry practices.

About Gambling with Lives

Gambling with Lives is an organisation that supports families who have been bereaved by gambling-related suicides. They also care for raising awareness amongst gamblers, their families and friends, and health professionals of the dangerous effects of gambling on mental health and the high suicide risk.

NOGA seeks to strengthen the gambling advertising control

Meanwhile, the Netherlands Online Gambling Association (NOGA) was disappointed about the gambling code for advertising in the country. On its website, it welcomed the code but still, they are unsatisfied as the allowing of three gambling advertisements on a commercial break applies only to the internet.

The director of NOGA Peter Paul de Goeij said some companies advertise online without restrictions. He pointed out that it doesn’t make any difference between online and offline advertising. He also commented that consumers find too many gambling adverts irritating.

In his statements, he says gambling advertising must be prevented, and if this does not happen, there may be a ban on gambling advertising soon.

NOGA was founded and based in The Hague, in 2013 and has ten members. The organisation also didn’t like the fact to have been left out of the advertising code, saying:

“With ten members, NOGA represents more than a large majority of the future licensed online gambling providers in the Netherlands.”


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