UK Lotto Player Wins £170 Million

Viktor Vangelov | Published 14 Oct 2019, 12:45 p.m.

One key question that interests all punters who participate in any form of gambling activities is the potential prize amount. The range is really wide, and you can win as little as a single quid and up to seven even eight-digit prizes. Many people made it to the list of UK millionaires after winning a massive jackpot prize, but this time we’re not talking of a million, or two-million prize, the jackpot prize in question is a lot more significant. Namely, one player won a massive £170m jackpot prize on EuroMillions, which is a record amount.

Player(s) identity hasn’t been revealed so far

The prize has already been confirmed by Camelot, the UK lottery operator. The identity of the winner has not been revealed yet and is not even known whether it is an individual winner or a syndicate. The operator will not provide any information unless the winner(s) decide they want to have their identity revealed.

In case you were wondering, how often does it happen for a player to win such an amount, it doesn’t happen too often, this has been the highest ever prize won by anyone on the National Lottery. The National Lottery employs winners’ advisers that assist punters who win lottery jackpot. Andy Carter who serves the role of a Senior Winners Adviser at the NL said that he is looking forward to helping the winner enjoy their prize.

The player got all five main numbers, as well as two lucky stars a combination which results in a jackpot.

Camelot confirmed that the player can decide if they want to have their identity revealed or not, but they also suggested that going public will help the winner when it comes to explaining where the funds came from and other legal details.

However, it is not an issue if the winner decides to remain anonymous, as that has happened on numerous occasions before. For instance, a punter won £123 million in June this year and they chose not to reveal their identity.

Biggest EuroMillions wins so far

The previous largest win so far happened in July 2011 when a couple from North Ayrshire won over £160 million. They chose to reveal their identity and most people in their area know who Colin and Chris Weir are. There have been more than few Brits who managed to win tens or even hundreds of millions on EuroMillions. Towards the end of 2018, a couple from Northern Ireland won just below £115 million, whereas later this year, Ade Goodchild won over £70 million.

We’ve already mentioned three of the UK lotto players who won over £100 million, including the latest £170-million prize winner. A total of nine tickets brought prizes above £100 million. Adrian and Gillian Bayford are another couple that won a hefty amount - £148.6m in August 2012. Then two anonymous players won £121.3m and £123.4m respectively in June this year and April last year. Dave and Angela Dawes are the names of husband and wife who were lucky enough to win over £101 million in October 2011.

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