UKGC funds new regional public health programme

Marta Dimitrov | Published 21 Sep 2021, 12:26 p.m.

Nowadays in the UK, many organisations care about safer gambling. For example, we recently announced that the Behavioural Insights Team launched the Gambling Policy & Research Unit. Also, another UK charity launched Gambling Education Program. A few days ago, the UK Gambling Commission came with such an announcement.

The UKGC is going to fund a new three-year regional public health program. It is intended to reduce gambling harms in Yorkshire and the Humber. This program’s leaders will be Public Health directors in these areas. The UK Gambling Commission will support it with £800,000.

Education and Prevention

Of course, the focus will be on education and prevention, but also on supporting and treating individuals and their families who experience gambling issues. 

With the program, it will be easier to identify the problem itself with the help of training in workplaces. The program will give guidance to gamblers on how to self-manage themselves, but also protect those groups that can be at high risk from gambling harm. Also, the programme intends to raise awareness among individuals.

The Executive Director of the UKGC, Tim Miller, said to welcome the project, and that kind of approach to tackling gambling harms he finds to be exactly what the National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms is designed to stimulate. He then commented he is pleased to approve the fundings for the programme

Greg Fell, who is a Chair of the Yorkshire & Humber harmful gambling working group said they aim at delivering a gold-standard programme that can be replicated across the UK. He also commented:

“We know high deprivation areas and low-income workers are disproportionately negatively affected by gambling, so this will be our focus.”

UKGC wins IAGR Regulatory Excellence Award

A few days ago, the UK Gambling Commission announced that it has been awarded the Regulatory Excellence Award at the 2021 International Regulatory Awards. These awards are organised by the International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR).

The award is for their Industry Challenges initiative where they called the gambling industry to collaborate with them on three areas of concern:

  • Incentives for High-Value Customers, or VIP schemes;
  • Game and Product Design;
  • The use of Ad-tech to target advertising away from children, young people and vulnerable adults.

The fellow gambling regulators and independent experts who judged were impressed by the results achieved and the high levels of engagement with the industry. These results are stamping out irresponsible VIP practices, making games safer by design and other actions. 

Also, the International Association of Gaming Regulators appointed the Director of Research, Ben Haden as the Vice Chairman of IAGR. He will be responsible for the development of a strategy for the association and the program for next year’s conference which will be held in Australia.


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