What Are Free Spins

Martin Anastasovski | Published 16 Oct 2018, 7:31 a.m.

All the slot lovers have one thing in common – they love free spins! Free spins are something which makes everybody happy, and we are not quite sure if it’s because of the word free or something else that triggers the players, but it’s there!

So, what are free spins?How we can get our hands on one, and what will we receive when we get one? The answers to these questions are right below, so stick around!

What Are Free Spins?

There are certain awards for the players of the slot game that are not necessarily connected to the money that the slot gives away, but in some way, it will help you get there faster and easier. The free spins are actually spins where you spin the reels of the particular slot game where no cost is implemented and you hold on to the same stake and same deposited money that you had before the feature started.

There are tons of sites offering free spins and demo versions of the particular slot game, which can be a bit misleading because the free spins are quite different from the free play.

The main difference in the free spins that you get from the game itself is that they are acquired from inside a bonus feature from a game. There are different free spins that you can get as a welcome bonus (which we will speak about later) and there are different free play from free slot sites. This is what makes them different.

Free Spins vs Free Play

As we said, the free spins that are from within the game are quite different from the free play (some call them free spins, others call it a demo play) that the sites give.

The free spins from within the game lets you keep everything that you acquired in the game, as they are a bonus for your gameplay and they are something that you’ve won while playing. The free play sites won’t award you with anything because you are not investing anything to play these games. You are spinning the reels of the games with credits given to you from the site itself, meaning you are playing exactly the same game with same symbols, bonuses and everything included, only with that one difference – that you can’t win and take home the prize.

How to Get Free Spins

All the slot games are different from one another, and to get them, you need to read the instructions of the game itself. While some games may have a trigger combination where you need to land a particular number of the free spins symbol, others may award it randomly while you play. Anyway, there are not that many ways to get the free spins of the game – you can get them by the right combination stated from the game review or the providers themselves, whether that’s a combination of the scatter symbol or there is a specific free spins symbol. Another way to get them is just to keep playing and they will appear, but again, it’s something that’s stated in the game information, and you should read before playing the games.

This is where the demo version of the game comes in handy, as it allows you to test the game with the credits given to you from the site rather than spending your money on the first several dozens of spins just for the sake of learning the game. It’s always a smart idea to start playing the demo version of the game if you are playing the slot game for the first time, just to see how you can trigger the free spins and learn everything else about the slot.

Types of Free Spins

There are a few types of free spins which you can get in a slot game, and that depends on the game itself, but mostly on the on the provider, as the providers tend to stick to a certain pattern which is significant for their type of work. For example, Net Ent are known to implement a lot of free spins in their games, with lots of bonus features which lead to a different screen and cool graphics where you can get lost in the game itself, while other providers don’t really like the free spins and don’t have it implemented in their games at all.

Regular Free Spins

The regular free spins can be acquired through the normal symbol combination or again, depending on the provider, and you will receive a number of free spins depending on the number of symbols you land. For example, many slot games give away 15, 20 or 25 free spins for three, four or five of the symbols that trigger the free spins simultaneously.

Collapsing reels

There is a different type of free spins that you can get in a slot game, and these are one of the rarest forms of free spins implemented in the slot games. Some companies have collapsing reels, meaning each time there is a winning combination on an active payline, the symbols that participate in the winning combo disappear, or explode or simply make room for other ones to come. When the new ones enter the screen, they do it from above, meaning every symbol needs to move one step below to make room for the new ones.

With this move, you basically get one free spin each time there is a winning combination, and you get it every time you land one on the screen.

Apart from these two, the random free spins which some games have requires you to play the games and they will award the free spins randomly.


The free spins are something that every player wants. This is notable by the casinos that the players play the slots at, therefore some of them have implemented the free spins in their welcome bonuses.

If you are a great fan of free spins, you can find a casino which gives away free spins as a welcome bonus and use them on any game that’s in their arsenal of games.