What Are Wagering Requirements?

Published 30 Oct 2018, 1:28 p.m.

If you have ever played at an online casino or you are looking forward to making your first ever deposit, you will run into the question What Are Wagering Requirements? If you want to claim a welcome bonus, which is always a good thing to do, you should know the tidbits regarding the wagering requirements. But before we get there, why not say few things about what is a welcome bonus, how you can claim one and how to make the most of it? 

Welcome bonuses are one of the most exciting features in the online casino world because these allow the players to enjoy a range of slots or casino table and card games, with bonus funds. The wagering requirements pertain to the ability to withdraw the money so playing on the bonus funds means there are some benchmarks that need to be met before you can take back any actual winnings. So, what are wagering requirements? And how can you claim a welcome bonus? Are two things that we want to answer in this guide. 

What Is A Welcome Bonus?

A welcome bonus is a special offer that is usually available to new players at the online casino. We say new players because those who have claimed a welcome bonus already usually do not have the right to use the same offer again. But to be fair and to treat their patrons well, the casinos release bonuses and rewards regularly even after the player has already used the welcome bonus. So a welcome bonus is something that inspires you to change the casino where you have been playing for some time. Every once in a time, a some casino will release a spectacular welcome bonus that gets everybody in.

Types of Welcome Bonus Offers

There are several types of welcome bonuses. The most standard welcome bonuses are for free spins. These are usually tied to a specific slot game. Sometimes the casinos give 25 free spins on the minimum deposit and it is not unusual for them to allow a welcome bonus be claimed more than once. Such was the example with few of the casinos we have reviewed, which had released an offer that was too tempting to resist. These casinos gave 25 spins per the minimum deposit and the player could claim subsequent 25 spins with every next deposit, up to 125 spins. 

On other occasions the casino would give the famed speedy spins seconds and usually the offer will be tied to one specific slot game. The speedy spins are spins that can be taken in a matter of seconds. So if the offer is for 70 speedy spins seconds, the player can set the slot on autospin and the reel action will unfold in the time-frame of 70 seconds. 

There are yet other bonuses such as the double on your deposit. If you see a welcome bonus that gives you, say 100% or 200% on your deposit, it means the deposit will be doubled or quadrupled for up to the amount which has been specified. But we have not yet reached to the explanation what are wagering requirements and we will do so, so that we can further explain the welcome bonuses. 

What are Wagering Requirements at Online Casinos?

 A wagering requirement can be described as a ‘hold’ or a ‘benchmark’ that is put in place on the part of the casino when a welcome bonus has become activated. Once you activate a welcome bonus there will be a wagering requirement that asks of the player to play over a specific amount of money before being able to withdraw it. That amount of money is in relation to the bonus funds that have been given. Let’s say the wagering requirement is 25 times. That means, if your welcome bonus money was 100 pounds, you need to play the 100 pounds 25 times so as to fulfill the benchmark which will in turn allow you to withdraw the money. 

Some casinos set very low wagering requirements, like 10x or 15x, while others want the players to play the money over as many as 35x or 40x times. This should be understood as a fair practice by the casino because it gives bonus money for the players’ entertainment, after all. If the player wins a spectacular amount of money, even a 50x requirement for playing the money over will suffice and the player will be able to take back the winnings. 

How to Claim a Welcome Bonus

Claiming a welcome bonus takes just few clicks. First access the site or even better, pick an online casino from the list that we have for you right on this page or in the slots review section. The next is standard ‘procedure’ which means, filling in your credentials such as Name, Surname, email address, possibly home address and so on. Once you have submitted your request, the casino will send you a confirmation email which once verified, will take you to the casino where you can start playing with the bonus funds or free spins. Just make sure that you enter the promo code, if there is one, so as to use the bonus promotion. 

If you are unsure of the rules and details regarding the welcome bonus, each casino has to have a terms and conditions page that is easily accessible, which will help you get information you need. At any rate, welcome bonuses at good casinos are always backed by the licenses that the casinos have obtained from governing authorities in the online casino gaming industry. We believe that these insights have answered the matter of what are wagering requirements, so let’s conclude with a kicker. 

Concluding Remarks

To conclude, there is no better way to start at an online casino then by claiming the welcome bonus. This is also true for SlotsWise where you can pick some of the best casinos online that each has more than 300 slots. So check out the welcome bonus that appears on this very page, see what are wagering requirements at those sites, if it matters to you. Claim it and then enjoy whatever goodies are available for you to enjoy alongside exceptional slot games coming from the best slots developers. 

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