What Casino Game Has The Best Chance Of Winning?

Published 12 Nov 2018, 9:03 a.m.

The casinos are overbooked with people every day. Whether we are talking about the land-based casinos or the online casinos, they are always full of people. There will be trips to some famous destinations all over the world playing those famous one-armed bandits, but much more will enjoy the virtual reality from the screen of their tablets, laptops and mobile phones.

These people pursue one thing, and that’s what casino game has the best chance of winning. What’s the best game they can play, and what’s the worst. These questions overflow the internet, and so many different answers appear that we decided to create this article and show you the truth, statistics-wise.

If you are one of those players constantly asking what casino game has the best chances of winning, your answer lies right below.

What Casino Game Has The Best Chance Of Winning?

Before we expand the details of which casino game has the best chance of winning, we like you to know that the information that is in this text is taken from the insides of two casinos in London and we’ve spoken to the managers and the ones responsible for the games about the odds of the casino games, and that’s what we are going to focus on.

Do Table Games have the best odds?

Not many people realize that these games have one of the best odds from all the games that can be found in a casino, whether it’s online or land-based. When they see the cards, they think of all the card sharks and the manipulations that are seen for example in Texas Hold’em tournaments. All the people are sticking to the safest looking game in the casino, the shiniest one, the one that everybody is playing, the slot game. But are the slots really the game you should be looking, and are the slots the game that has the best chance of winning?

The advice that we received from the game manager regarding this manner is that it’s okay to be playing slots, but after you’ve spent a bit of time on the slots, move on to the blackjack table but don’t start playing immediately, start by observing the game at the start.


Blackjack is the game with the best odds, with a house edge of just one (1) per cent in almost all of the online and land-based casinos. This is the easiest and fastest response that we’ve gotten to any question so far. The best thing is that you are playing against the dealer and his cards, not against the players that can turn out to be hidden poker champions.

The game is also one of the easiest to play games, as all you have to do to win is to beat the dealer’s number and never go over 21. If this is one of the first times or the very first time that you are playing the blackjack game, you can go to a dealer when there aren’t that many payers, usually in the afternoon, and ask from the dealer to explain the game in detail.


On the other hand, the poker is a completely different game. This game requires you to play at your home first, with your friends, or somewhere online where you can practice for free.

This game should be something that you should consider after spending some time in the casinos, and if you are a new player, just skip the poker table for now, as the competition is the highest in poker.


The next stop after the blackjack should be roulette. It is simple and pays out pretty well if you manage to guess the right combinations. You can play by guessing the number or the colour, as well as trying some of the different combinations on the table. There is an option to put money on two, three or four different numbers or even a whole line of them – you can see each of these combinations on the Roulette table as soon as you sit in.

If you stay to playing only the colours, you’ve got a nearly 50-50 per cent chance of winning. If you land a red you will get double of what you’ve bet which is not bad at all.

Slot Machines

Finally, we’ve come to every player’s favourite online casino game, and that is the slots! Our expert explains how it’s better to put more money in one bet instead of separating it on smaller bets and eventually losing them all to the hungry game. Slots are one of the most demanding games in the casino, and the games that return the least to the player, with an average of 95%, while all the table games have 97% or above. There are slot games which have more than 99% house edge and you want to be looking for those slots and play them.

The game managers speak that you should avoid slot games in a casino simply because the ones which are with the lowest RTP are always the loudest and shiniest slots, always positioned in the centre of the casino for all the players to be able to spot them easily and to be attracted to them asap.


When it comes to playing a casino game and answering the question “what casino game has the best chance of winning”, the answer really surprised us all. Instead of going for the slot machines which are one of the most played online and land-based casino games, they were actually on the last spot, at least most of them. According to the game managers, everything with 98% return to player or more should be considered playing while everything that is below this mark should be avoidable, but again, it’s counted in a long period of time, meaning you still won’t be able to control the time and amount of the winnings.

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