What Is A Casino Bonus?

Published 30 Oct 2018, 12:13 p.m.

We’ll start answering the question from the title with another question – Who doesn’t like bonuses?! Regardless what type of a bonus we’re talking about, everybody likes it when they get one. Of course, slot players are genuinely interested about casino bonuses. Everybody likes bonuses, but many players often don’t quite understand what casino bonuses are and how they work. So, let us give you a detailed answer to the question ‘What is a casino bonus?’. Of course, this is a question that can be answered in a single sentence, but we’d like to give you a more detailed overview of the issue. 

Casino Bonuses At SlotsWise

When we’re done with the definition of the topic, you can get to a more practical aspect of the casino bonuses – i.e. you can claim one of the casino bonuses featured at SlotsWise. As with all other things, it is best to know how casino bonuses work before you claim one.

Plus, you need to know what the bonus offer includes and what requirements you will need to complete before you can claim your bonus or claim your potential bonus winnings. You need to make sure that you are familiar with the casino policies and terms and conditions, and, of course, you need to be certain that the casino site in question is safe and reliable.

While we’re on safety and reliability, there’s no need to worry about that with SlotsWise, as all casinos featured on our site are safe and reliable, we wouldn’t recommend a casino that’s not secure. 

What Is A Casino Bonus – Definition

Now, let’s give a simple answer to the question ‘What is a casino bonus?’ and then we’ll get into particular types of bonuses and how to claim them. To put it simply, a casino bonus is an incentive offered by the casino to its players in order to motivate them to play more. 

Casinos often offer customised bonuses, but there are also more generic bonuses that are offered by all casinos that are part of a network. Different groups of players can be eligible for a casino bonus. Some bonuses are offered only to new players, whereas other promotions can also be claimed by existing players. Casinos aren’t limited in terms of the number of active bonus offers. Although, there can be limits on the number of bonuses that a player can claim at once. Usually, you won’t be allowed to claim a second bonus until you complete the wagering requirements of the first bonus you’ve claimed. 

All bonuses aren’t the same, some come with better terms and conditions. Some players only pay attention to the bonus amount and decide which bonus is better based on the amount that is offered. That’s not the most important issue though. A bonus can offer a lower amount of money, but still be better than an offer that’s significantly higher in terms of the bonus amount. 

Bonus Terms And Conditions

Yes, the bonus terms and conditions are very important, in fact, we can’t stress this enough, it is really essential to understand the terms and conditions before you claim the bonus.

The key bonus terms are usually listed on the bonus banner, but beware, these are usually the most favourable terms, i.e. the selling points. As they say, the devil is in the details, so make sure you read the small print as well. The regulations put forward by the UK Gambling Commission oblige casinos to state the most significant T&Cs either on the main banner, or a single click away, make sure you make good use of this, because only by comparing the terms you can find out which bonus is better.

Of course, you can sign up at more than one casino and claim multiple bonuses at once, but the terms and conditions often specify that you need to make a wager and satisfy other terms before you can claim your bonus or withdraw your bonus winnings, so make sure that you have enough funds to claim multiple bonuses.

Types Of Casino Bonuses

We’ve said a lot on casino bonuses in general and how they work, now let’s have a look at the main types of online casino bonuses that you can claim.

Welcome Bonus

This is the first bonus that every player gets to claim, but it is also the most important bonus for the casino operators, as its main aim is to bring new players to the site. Casinos are pretty competitive with their welcome bonuses in order to motivate players to sign up with them instead of other casino sites. 

The welcome bonus is usually a deposit bonus, the casino matches the amount you’ve deposited up to a certain amount. For instance, check the Party Casino bonus offer, it’s a pretty good one. These bonuses usually come with a wagering requirement that you will need to complete before you can withdraw your bonus winnings. That’s why we say that it’s important to read the bonus terms and conditions, the wagering requirement is usually specified here. 

Sometimes the welcome package is more than a deposit bonus, it can also include free spins, or even a no deposit bonus. These two elements can also be offered as a standalone bonus, not linked to a deposit bonus. 

No Deposit Bonus

This is when a casino offers a bonus amount, but you don’t have to make a deposit to get the bonus funds. These bonuses also come with a wagering requirement, so you won’t be able to withdraw your bonus funds right away, you would have to complete the requirement first. Again, make sure you check the terms and conditions first and claim the bonus only if you’re convinced that it’s a solid offer.

Free Spins

This is one of the most popular types of casino bonuses. Instead of bonus funds, here you get a number of spins on a particular game or a range of slots. If you want to know more about this bonus, check our ‘What Are Free Spins?’ and learn more.

Register with one of our featured casinos, claim a neat casino bonus and spin to win on your favourite slots!