What Is A Loose Slot Machine?

Published 7 Nov 2018, 1:02 p.m.

There are many questions asked by the slot lovers who are constantly trying to gather more information about the online slots in hopes of getting to know the slot games more and getting to those wins much easier. Such a question which is worth explaining is “What is a loose slot machine” and because of it, we dedicate this article on explaining this and several other questions that you guys have, so stick around.

There are some slot machines that are paying out more frequently than other machines – it’s the way they are programmed. They will pay out more frequently than the other slots but the payout will not have that big of a value as the ones that are paying not that frequently. At the end of the day, the amount that two different slot machines have paid will be the same. The upper ones are called loose slots.

What Is A Loose Slot Machine?

As we said, there are some slot machines that pay out money and chips more often than other slots, and they are called Loose Slot Machines. These machines are among the most popular slots simply because of the fact that they pay out more frequently. Of course, every player wants to play a slot machine that is highly rewarding – that’s what we are all looking for. Does nobody want to play a slot machine that doesn’t pay out frequently, right? To be honest, without the loose slot machines, the casino would be a dull and boring place to be, especially for the ones that are enjoying the wins and want to get the most out of the slot.

There are a number of reasons why these slot machine actually exists. A casino which claims around 98% of the payout on slots must have these slot machines to avoid the finger pointing and how that casino had a false advertising. This may interfere with the final household percentage that the casino has presented in the public and in front of the Gambling Commission when it started operating.

Secondly, happy players with winnings will draw more players and excitement to the casino floor. The whole casino benefits in the atmosphere, in the mouth to mouth spread and all those small details that matter very much in the long run. Loose slots vary from day to day due to the random number generator within the computerized slot machines.

Are loose slots fact or fiction?

This question depends on the slot machine itself. Some of these games have higher odds and a higher payback, meaning these slot machines are better when it comes to returning of investment in comparison to the low paying slots.

If a slot machine has a 98% payback, or often seen as RTP (Return to Player) it means that this slot machine is a loose one. Let’s not get confused – this doesn’t mean that if you invest £100 you will get £98 back! That is calculated over a longer period of time like thousands or millions of spins before it meets the RTP criteria of 98%. During your session of playing, anything is possible, and you can either hit the largest progressive jackpot or you will lose every single penny that you’ve invested. It isn't that hard to find the better paying slot machines in a live casino, with some patience and a little detective work.

Where are the loosest slot machines?

All of the casinos make sure you are aware, as a player, when some other player manages to win the progressive jackpot or any kind of jackpot for that matter. This is similar to the champion’s league adds and marketing content that you are seeing during the game.

The more the content is exposed, the more people will join the hype and want to play games in order to win the progressive jackpot.

Think about it like this, you are on your way into the restaurant and a player hits a $5,500 jackpot. Immediately after that, you want to play slot games right after the dinner. Nobody wants to eat or go shopping when the slots are hot! Because of this most people believe that the loose slot machines are closes to the high traffic like near restaurants, shops, entrances, coffee bars etc – basically places which are visible by other people and will get to you as soon as it hits the jackpot. Keep in mind that we’ve noticed how things are quite different when it comes to positioning slots next to the table games. While you can find a lot of slot machines near the places with traffic, you can’t find them near the table games like Blackjack, Keno and others.

How to Find Loose Slots?

If you are inside a land-based casino, it’s relatively easy to find these types of slots once you know what you are searching for. It’s always the most colourful ones, usually placed in the centre of the room

Look for a slot machine that is visible from many directions and that is centrally located in the casino. When players see others winning it encourages them to keep trying for a jackpot. This is generally where the casinos place their best slot machines. They will be in the centre of attention, the highest ones and the loudest ones. They will create the hype and impression that all the slots in that casino are paying out the most.

Ask a casino worker such as a change person or waitress which is the most played slot machine and they will immediately give you the answer as they are there for most of the days, working. This small bit of information just might bring you a big win.

Another way to find this slot machine is to chat with the other players and ask them if they are regular in this casino and which slot they want to play the most. If they are here often, they know a lot more about the slot machines then any other person that can help you there.

Best of luck finding the loose slot machines and give them a try – SlotsWise.