What Is A Sign Up Bonus

Published 5 Nov 2018, 3:36 p.m.

With tons of new casinos on the internet today, you as a casino lover and player won’t be able to choose the best one as there are simply too many on offer. That’s a problem nowadays, and that’s why there are plenty of sign up offers that can get your attention and get you to join and play on that particular casino offering that sign up bonus. So, what is a sign up bonus? One of the many questions we have is about the sign up bonus and how you can use that, and that’s what we will be speaking about in this article.

What is a Sign Up Bonus?

Sign up bonuses are widely spread across the whole online gambling community that they have basically become a must-have thing for every casino that wants to gain the attention of new players.

In other words, a sign up bonus is the number of credits that you will receive from the casino. The sign up bonus is usually equal to a percentage of your very first successful deposit on the particular casino that offers the sign up bonus. This will be calculated by the team in the casino and after reviewing and calculating, your bonus will be on your account. Note that some of the casinos have this process automated, therefore you don’t need to wait too long for them to end on your account, and that’s one of the advantages of the huge and very best online casinos.

Types of Sign Up Bonus

There are several types of sign up bonus that you can use and get on your account as soon as you’ve managed to make your very first deposit in that casino. However, you need to keep a close eye on the casino welcome bonus, as every casino has its own unique sign up bonus. If you want to choose one of the specific casinos sign up bonuses that we will mention below, you need to do that before picking the casino where you will play. Let’s see the different sign up bonuses that you can get once you decide to play some casino games.

Free Spins

The free spins sign up bonus is one of the most common and most wanted by the players all around the globe. Depending on the casino, it can be for a specific set of games, the ones they are promoting, or for the whole range of slot games that the casino has.

You can activate the set of free spins whenever you want – you can start off your day with the free spins themselves of you can play the whole game and use them whenever you feel like using them.

Free Play Bonus

The casinos use another way to get to the people’s attention, and it called free play bonus. Usually, the free play bonus is a number of credits that will eventually land on your account, and most of the time you have a specific time period where you can use them before they disappear from your account.

The free play bonus is one of the rarest signs up bonuses that you will come around, but just so you know, it exists, so don’t be surprised when you come across it.

Standard Welcome Bonus

This is the standard welcome bonus where you will be given an x amount of credits, equal to the defined percentage that you see in the promotion, big banner or everywhere where the casino is promoted for that matter. This sign up bonus includes an offer where you get, for example, 100% up to 100 credits on your first deposit

Bonus Codes

Several casinos may have bonus codes in their arsenal of promotions. These bonus codes are basically the key to the door of the casino and behind that door, there are way more promotions for you to grasp and enjoy.

The bonus codes, for most of the casinos at least, are relatively easy to find and you can basically find them on the same site where you need to write the bonus code. Sometimes, there can be some affiliate sites which are the only ones having that bonus code, so you just need to do a bit of a research and you will find the bonus code for that specific casino in the blink of an eye. Always use the bonus or promo code when there is the option for that, as the sign up bonus will be a lot higher.

Claiming the Sign Up Bonus

Depending on the casino, its value and presence in the online gambling community, there are several different ways of claiming the sign up bonus. Different casinos have different ways of crediting their bonuses, and even if you get used to one way of them and only play in one casino, it can change and confuse you.

If you want to claim the bonus, you need to figure out how the casino itself works and how it handles the promotions. If the casino uses the bonus code or promo code, the code will be listed next to the casino in the table, or you can simply google it in several seconds, just as we mentioned above. At most of the casinos, you have to enter the bonus code into the section for that and the system will automatically register it, giving your sign up bonus. However, some sites might require you to contact the support team, present them the bonus and they will give you the sign up bonus immediately after that.

In most of the cases, the sign up bonus doesn’t come with the bonus code and as soon as you make a deposit the bonus will land on your account. We hope we answered your question "what is a sign up bonus" and this information will help you enjoy the casino games more.

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