What Is A Welcome Bonus?

Published 16 Oct 2018, 7:54 a.m.

Players who are not new to playing at online casinos and slots sites are well-aware of the rewards that these sites give to players who have decided to register accounts with them. So, if you have landed on this page trying to find out what is a welcome bonus, then, you’re in the right place! Our post will tell you all you need to know about welcome bonuses, including examples of some of the most common welcome bonus offers.

What Is A Welcome Bonus?

A welcome bonus is a way for slots sites, bingo sites and online casinos to attract new players to their sites. It is an incentive for players to create an account with the brand that offers the welcome bonus by giving them something to show appreciation for their decision. Some of the welcome bonuses are awarded immediately on registering the account with the online casino, while for others, they are awarded when the player makes the first deposit or plays the first game.

In traditional physical casinos, the welcome bonus is usually a complimentary drink to make players feel welcome to the establishment. It can also be a free turn on some table or even a discount on meals when the player returns to the casino for the second time. This type of welcome bonuses is awarded at the start of the comps tier system, with bonuses getting better and better as you become a regular player.

Online Welcome Bonus

When it comes to online welcome bonuses, as mentioned in the text above, they are given to new customers before they can play.  In online gambling, there are various welcome bonuses because casinos tend to vary their offers to stand out from the rest or to target specific markets. Further down the page, you can find a list of some of the most common variations of Welcome Bonus offers.

100 Percent Bonus

For many online casinos, the easiest way of offering a great welcome bonus is to credit 100 per cent of the amount the player decides to deposit initially. For example, some online casinos may offer a bonus of 30 per cent or 50 per cent, meaning if you decide to make a deposit of £100, your account will be credited with an extra £30 or £50. However, the best and most popular welcome bonus is the 100 per cent bonus offer, meaning that the casino will double your initial deposit. Applying this to the above example, for an initial deposit of £100, you will get additional £100 to play with and your account will have £200 in total.

Match Bonus

One could say that the match bonus is a variation of the 100 per cent bonus offer and it wouldn’t be far from the truth. Instead of focusing on different bonus percentages, the online casino operator or slots site will match your initial deposit instead. The match bonus usually comes with certain limits regarding the amount on which you can get the match bonus.

What Is A Welcome Bonus

200/300 Percent Bonus

Some casinos decide to take their offers a step further and will give their players a 200 per cent bonus offer. However, you should bear in mind that such bonuses usually come with lower caps. That is why it shouldn’t come to you as a surprise if you come across a 200 per cent bonus welcome offer capped up to £50 or £100. Both new customers and existing players of the casino should read the casino’s Terms & Conditions section to find out about the cap.

Bonus Cash & Free Spins

In the race to provide players with the most thrilling promotions and welcome bonuses, there are some operators how opt to combine bonus money and free spins for playing slots. A casino could offer a whopping £500, complemented by 100 or so free spins. Again, you should look for the fine print on the page especially the one on the use of the free spins. In most cases, the free spins used in the welcome offer can be used for a specific online video slot. Thus, you can find online casinos offering free spins on games like Starburst, Double Bubble or Secrets of the Phoenix, to name a few.

Cashable vs. Non-Cashable Sign-Up Bonuses

All of the above-mentioned welcome bonuses can be easily grouped into two categories – cashable and non-cashable welcome bonuses. First, you were asking “what is a welcome bonus” and now you have to learn about cashable and non-cashable bonuses. The welcome bonus is considered cashable if you can keep it after meeting the wagering requirements from the online casino. The bonus is called non-cashable if you can use it to play on certain casino games, but you cannot keep the actual bonus money.

Welcome Bonuses and Wagering Requirements

Welcome bonuses are appealing offers, but it’s not that rare for them to come with certain rules or requirements in order to claim them. Many online casinos that do have such welcome bonuses will also add a certain wagering requirement to them in order to protect them from bonus abusers. This means that you cannot cash out automatically the amount that was given to you by the casino. Instead, the casino operators will require from you to take certain actions first, including playing the entire bonus certain amount of times.

Depending on the casino, you’ll find different wagering requirements with different online casinos. Thus, some casinos will add a wagering requirement from 10x to 30x, while others will offer up to 70x. This is one of the reasons why you should read the fine print before signing up with the casino.

You’ll be glad to learn that there are certain progressive casinos that do not require a wagering requirement, but to be on the safe side, make a habit of always reading the casino’s Terms & Conditions (T&C) before signing up and playing.

We hope we have managed to answer your question on what a welcome bonus is and what types of such bonuses are available to players.

So, now you can claim some of the welcome bonuses featured here at Slotswise and play for the chance to win real cash!