What is an Avalanche feature?

Published 29 Oct 2018, 10:14 a.m.

The casino games are full of features, full of interesting and unique things and full of surprises for all the players. To grab the attention of more and more lovers of the slot games, the providers themselves are literally inventing new features to stand out from the competition.

We can see how the wild symbol expands to land on 2x2 or even 3x3 symbol positions to maximise the space and raise the odds, free spins all around the screen, scatters and many bonus symbols in the game, and there is some players’ favourite, the Avalanche feature, so What is an Avalanche feature? How can we use the feature in our advantage and get the most out of it? We have the answer to these questions, all you need to do is stick around.

What is an Avalanche Feature?

With tons of new slot games coming out from hundreds of developers who are battling to leave the plethora and stand out, there are tons of new features, some of which are interesting to see and some of which are not worth your time. Avalanche feature is definitely worth your time.

There is a bit of misunderstanding about what this feature is in the online gambling world. A lot of people are confused, but that’s understandable as this feature is not as popular as for example the auto play or bet max features.

What the feature does is it makes the symbols that are participating in a winning combination to promptly disappear. If the feature is presented in the game, it will automatically be activated on every winning combination that lands on the screen of the game.

Remember that the combination needs to be done on an active payline, just like the payout with every other slot game that you’ve played.

There is nothing to worry about, as we hear many players’ first impression was that they think they will lose their bet because the symbols disappear. It gets even better, as you basically get an opportunity to win more each time you win something. As soon as all your winning symbols exit the arena, a combination of new ones come from above or simply appear (depends on the slot game) and takes the place of the ones that are gone. This means that there will be a new combination of symbols on the screen, which may lead to a new potential win.

If there is a new win on the screen, the avalanche feature will occur again, and those symbols will disappear again. A lot of people are comparing this to the free spins round, as you basically get at least one extra spin on the original spin you did, with the number to potentially grow with the new symbols coming in play. The beauty of the feature is that you can get a lot of free spins than the free spins feature, but if luck is not on your side, it can be pretty disappointing.

Avalanche Feature History

The feature was first seen in Gonzo’s Quest slot, a product of the one and only, Net Ent. We never had any doubt, as these guys are machines when it comes to inventing new slot games, features that will be used by every single provider once they create it, a ton of slots platforms and you name what else.

As soon as they released Gonzo’s Quest slot in 2010, the people’s reaction to it was amazing. Everybody wanted to try this new feature which led to free spins in a game that lacks this feature. The amazing sound of the game when this feature lands on the screen and you make a winning combination enhances the atmosphere of the player even more, and if you haven’t had a chance to try out this feature now it’s the time.

About Gonzo’s Quest

In this game, you are about to search for the long-lost city of El Dorado while spinning the stone blocks of reels somewhere in Central America. You will be helped by Gonzo while you help him do his quest, and if you manage to find what you are looking for, Gonzo is fair and shares the prizes.

The game has five reels and 20 paylines and you are spinning with an RTP of 96.00%. The denomination that you can play with ranges from £0.20 u to £400.00 where the maximum win that you can get goes up to a coin multiplier of x2,500!

The adventure is there, the numbers are looking awesome and sharp – all you need to do is try it.

Different Avalanche features

With more and more companies producing games which have the Avalanche feature, many different styles of this feature appeared.

First of all, you can find the feature in many different names, like the Volcano Reels, Cascading Reels, Tumbling Reels and many other names that actually present the same feature – the symbols that are creating the winning combination disappear from the screen, making room for more to come.

Another thing that’s quite different from one game with this feature to the other, and from one provider to the other is the way that the symbols disappear and the way the others come in to take their place.

Some games may have it like a bomb where the screen explodes and the symbols in the win together with some of the symbols that are nearby. Other games will just delete them from the screen and new ones will come from top, bottom or from the sides, but whichever way they come from, the outcome is the same – you have a completely new set of symbols on the reels with a potentially winning combination waiting to be grabbed.

This feature is one of the most interesting ones and since many providers started implementing it in their games it means that Net Ent really did a great job.

I hope this answered what many people asked – what is an avalanche featureand if you liked this feature, you can find many of the games with it on our site.