What Is Slingo?

Published 9 Nov 2018, 10:38 a.m.

If you are part of the gambling community, than you’ve surely come across the term ‘Slingo’, which made you wonder “What is Slingo?” Fortunately, we are here to answer all of your questions, and more!

Slingo Origins

The game of Slingo has been around since 1995 and for almost 20 years it was play-for-fun only.  Now, however, there’s a substantial number of real money versions of this exciting game available.  The single player versions – which are essentially slot machines offering an extended gameplay experience with elements of bingo – are more widely available than the multiplayer version Slingo Boom – which is something like a ‘ripped’ version of 75 ball bingo.

Slingo - Bingo Crossed With A Slot Machine

The game of Slingo is some sort of a hybrid of 75 ball bingo with a slot machine, combining both types of excitement - spinning reels and marking off numbers on a card.  It is played on a 5 x 5 grid that resembles a 75 ball bingo card. Directly below the grid are the reels, but only one space on each reel is visible.

The goal is to complete the grid by matching the numbers who appear on the reels with those from the grid.  In each game, a maximum number of spins is allowed and this is typically 20, but only the first 16 spins are free. The others have to be paid for either by using free spins or cashing in already scored points.

In the classic play-for-fun Slingo game, it is mostly numbers that come up on the reels, but no slot game is complete without the symbols, so some games feature about four: the Joker, which allows any number in the above column to be daubed; the Super Joker allows any number anywhere on the grid to be daubed; the Gold Coin, awarding points and the Free Spin symbol which awards a free spin token that can be used to pay for one spin after the 16th.  Some versions also have the Cherub symbol who doubles your score and the Devil who cuts your score in half unless the Cherub also comes up at the same time.

Points are awarded for completing horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines on the grid (known as Slingos) and in some cases patterns, and the aim is to score as many points as possible.

Typically the grid had to be daubed manually against the clock, although the newer versions of the game include a power up called Slingo Vision in which the numbers that could be daubed are highlighted.

There are also multiplayer versions of Slingo where you could play against players from all over the world and even chat with them.

How To Play Slingo

Playing Slingo is simple, all you have to do is spin the reels of the slot machine and hope that a number you have on your 5x5 Bingo-Card appears. Every time you spin the reels, a series of numbers will appear in the slot machine which you will then need to cross off of your card. If you’re lucky enough, you could match up your numbers with every spin!

It is important to know that there is a time limit for every spin. Also, there are some options to obtain some free spins throughout the game, although most other spins are bought.

Bingo, Slots & Slingo – What Are The Differences?

The biggest difference between slot machines and Slingo is the amount of reel space that is available to the players. As we mentioned before, you are only able to see one symbol on each reel due to the slot machine element being located at the bottom of the bingo card. On a traditional slot machine, however, you can see three or more symbols on each reel.

Compared to Bingo, the incorporation of symbols is a huge change from the traditional bingo game. With added features such as The Joker, Gold Coin, Super Joker and Free Spin, bingo has transitioned from a solely numbers-based game into this new, even more exciting variant.

The game of Slingo has developed from a single-player to a multi-player interactive experience, where players can even spend time chatting with other players online, similar to how they may interact in a bingo room.

How To Win Slingo

In order to win the game, you must accumulate the highest number of points which are attributed to your score depending on the result after a spin.

Slingo Tips & Tricks

The winner of Slingo games, when playing in a multi-player environment, is the player who accumulates the most points by the end of their spins. In order to improve the number of points that you accumulate during a game of Slingo, here are a few tips and tricks that you can implement:

Use Powerups – If your Slingo game variant has the option of powerups, then you can use these to your advantage to help accumulate more points. Make sure that your power-ups complement each other in order to maximise the number of points you can gain.

Save Your Multipliers – Save your 3x and 5x multipliers where possible, and use them at the very last minute in order to truly use their potential.

Devil’s Protection – If your Slingo version provides minigames, then try to use the Devil’s Protection feature, which can help ensuring that your balance is protected if the Devil appears (this symbol will typically damage the number of points that you accumulate). Be aware, however, that Devil’s Protection will only last for a short period of time.

Real Money Slingo

Real money bingo and slots are both so popular, so it came as no surprise that someone released a real money version of Slingo as well.  This was done by Gaming Realms, and they also bought the rights to the name and the Slingo.com domain which resulted in most of the free versions of Slingo that were accessible to UK players being replaced by real money Slingo and slots. The first real money version of Slingo was Slingo Riches, released in 2015, and it was followed by other versions a few months later.

Popular Slingo Games

As the world of Slingo has begun to grow in popularity, more and more variants are emerging on the market for players to enjoy. Some of the most popular variants include:

Slingo Riches – With the chance to earn a prize of up to £20k, and a theoretical RTP based on the best strategy of the game of 95%, Slingo Riches has become one of the most popular variants within the online gambling community.

Slingo Extreme – This game is even hotter than the previous, with fast gameplay and the opportunity to win the £50,000 jackpot!

What Is Slingo - Conclusion

The answer to the question what is Slingo is simple -  it is a truly exciting variant for everyone – fans of both bingo and slots.

Find out if luck is on your side by trying out this incredible game. All you have to do is put down a deposit and start spinning the reels and crossing off the numbers.