What Is The Best Casino App For Android

Published 7 Nov 2018, 9:37 a.m.

Technology is moving fast, we are all aware of that, but to have an entire casino in the palm of your hands and to be able to play whenever you want is still an image I can’t get quite comfortable with as it moved from the land-based casinos to our smartphones pretty fast.

You would need to go a long way, especially if you live in the suburb areas or in a village, to reach the downtown and play a casino game, satisfy your needs and enjoy the afternoon. It was a struggle, just like the stories from the past when our grandparents needed to walk for hours to get to school. Now, things have changed, and we are living comfortably with everything we want in our pocket.

With one thing being taken care of, several problems arise, and it’s always going to be like that. Now that we have it all in the palm of our hand, different questions appear, like what is the best casino app for Android, or what is the best slot machine app for Android? Where can you play the best slots on a smartphone and so on? The questions are more or less the same, so we have our topic of the day.

What Is The Best Casino App For Android?

The competition is huge, fearless and it won’t stop. Everywhere you open, everywhere you look, there are marketing and casino ads following you. It’s 2018, and almost every casino that wants to get to the top positions of what it’s doing has a mobile app with it. There are over 100 awesome casinos which offer an incredible and well-developed android application that you can try, but what is the best casino app for android?

We can’t make a choice which one is the best, therefore, here is a full list of as many awesome casinos as we were able to get, so it’s up to you to try them and see which is the best one. Leave us a comment below with your personal experience. Let’s head down to the list of the best casino apps.

Spin Place

One of the best casino apps that can be found on the internet is Spin Place casino’s app. This casino app has one of the widest ranges of Android casino games and slots and one of the best promotions where you can get the exclusive £1,000 bonus. Everything regarding the casino is fully licensed and regulated, and you can enjoy over 650 casino games powered only by Microgaming plus all the others that are there.

Betway Casino

Another super awesome casino where you can get to enjoy their games from the palm of your hand is Betway Casino. This casino also offers an exclusive bonus of £1,000 or if you decide to go for the live dealer casino, there is a promotion of 100% match bonus up to £250.

There are tons of games for you to get entertained with, and the number reaches just over 600 games for now. The site is licenced and secured, and it has 24 hours live chat support which is there to help you with anything.

Royal Vegas

Royal Vegas offers an even greater welcome bonus where you will get £1200 free to play with, but you have to see the wagering requirements for this amount that you will be credited. The casino, looking from a mobile perspective, is one of the most awesome ones, and everything is on the reach of your finger, whichever you are using.

There are slots, table games, live casino, video poker, progressive slots and a lot of Vegas games which you can enjoy.

Android Casino Perks

With every choice you make in life, there will be advantages and disadvantages that will follow with it. Now, when you’ve already decided to go for the android app rather than an online casino which you access through your laptop or your tablet, this is what you will get:

  • Compatible with all the best online casinos
  • Amazing graphics, speed and zero bus
  • Huge catalogue of your favourite table games, slots and video poker
  • Live dealer games with real people dealing and chatting

More and more people are starting to use the smartphone to get access to the top casinos. While Steve Jobs’ toy has a lot of followers, the Android market gets a ton of users on a daily basis and it’s actually more compatible when it comes to online slot playing.  

Free Games

Because there are tons of online casinos and you can only guess which one is better than the next one, it’s a good option to try the casino for free and check the options that it has before investing some money in it. Most sites let you take their games for a test-drive using play money to see if it's the right choice for you.

The customer support can head you to the free games option if you are unable to find it on their site.

No Download Casino

The best place to start if you want to play an online slot n your smartphone through an application is the Android smartphone, as the whole Android system and community are constantly improving.

There is an option to play directly on your browser and not include the mobile application but play exactly as you would on a laptop or tablet. This option might be better in only a small portion of the casinos whose application is either started and not completed or it doesn’t exist at all. Other than that, we recommend always downloading the app and using it.

The top casinos that we mentioned are all compatible for Android, and you will have a lovely time playing on them.

Now that you know what is the best casino app for Android, which casino would you choose? Whichever you decide to go for, make sure you grab the welcome bonus to enhance your gameplay.