What is the Highest Denomination of a Slot Machine?

Published 30 Oct 2018, 3:52 p.m.

There are few questions that are on the minds of online casino players who frequent the slots section. Such questions are what is the jackpot, what are the wagering requirements, and certainly, What is the Highest Denomination of a Slot Machine? There can be few reasons why a player would want to know the answer to this specific question, however, one of the most obvious reasons is finding out if the selected slot game is high stakes or not. 

This plays a part in the overall gaming experience as it gives us a clue about the entertainment potentials of the slot machine. The logic goes that high stakes slots have relatively high payouts. So slots players want to find out what is the most that they can spend on a given game. There is other information that certainly comes in as useful, but to answer the question what is the highest denomination of a slot machine, we will need to consider a number of titles. 

What is Normally A High Denomination Slot?

In terms of the range of the wagering options, the slots come in many varieties. First off, worth noting is that there are few thousand slots out there. Of these, it is safe to say that one quarter are readily available online are could be found at online casinos. However, the, let’s call them, ‘good’ online casinos, which include those that we have verified and reviewed by SlotsWise, include slots titles that have been made by iGaming industry software developers that count for standard-bearers. So there is no going wrong when selecting one of these casinos, and it will be most certainly the case that these include slots with a wide range of betting denominations that may provide some insight into the question of what is the highest denomination of a slot machine.

Betting Range in Online Slots

Like it was said at the beginning, there is a wide range of betting options. There are the so-called penny slots which really can offer a gaming experience with just pennies per spin. This is possible on slots that have one penny as the starting point of the coin size, but another requirement is that the slot allows one payline to be kept as active. Then there are typical slot games that start with the smallest denomination of 20 pennies, which is the case with games that have 20 paylines that are all active at all times. We could safely say that this is the standard in online slots. A denomination of 20p usually rises to 40p, 50p, £1, £1.20 per spin and so on. 

The rise in the bet per spin is exponential quite often. So a slot game that starts at £0.20 may go as high as £100,00 but this is not the highest denomination of a slot machine. If we are looking for something of a golden middle, then that amount would be around £250. These slots are attractive to high-stakes players who like to experience a thrilling ride on the reel action. This is a pretty hefty sum to spend per spin, however, it pales in comparison to few slot machines that we will mention soon. 

What Is The Highest Denomination Of A Slot Machine Online?

A standard high denomination for a slot machine may be considered any amount that is above £250. Thus far we haven’t encountered any online slots that have a wagering amount between the sums of £250 and £500, so the first step towards high denomination slots should be £500. A memorable slot game that has this wagering amount is Goddess of the Amazon, which is a jackpot slot that enjoys some popularity among slots players. Those who have won the jackpot have been inclined to wager amounts of the highest denomination with hopes to extend their winnings even on winning combinations of a smaller value. 

However, £500 is not the highest denomination - not by a long shot.There are few slots that have top wagering amounts of £1000 per spin, but that is as far as online slots go. The highest high-stakes slots are found at land casinos, and not all. Specific casinos hold slots machines that can take as much as £5000 per spin. One such slot game is present in the Bellagio in Las Vegas and another such slot machine will be found at the WYNN casino on the strip. 

Do Players Spend That Kind of Money on Slots?

The answer to this question might surprise some people. Yes - and No. There are VIP players at online casinos who play the slots quite frequently, however, it is not the rule but the exception when they play with £500 per spin or even £250. On the other hand, there have been plenty of times when a player has won a jackpot or part of a progressive jackpot and continued wagering high-stakes amounts. 

We could say that this kind of approach would be advisable only when the player has at least a five figure sum at his or her disposal, because it will take just few spins for an amount of, say, £10,000 dwindle down to the last £500, after which the player can always tone down the bet per spin and make it a regular or low stakes game. 

Concluding Remarks

High stakes slots are for people who have few billion dollars in their account and a lot more riding on the stock exchange as part of a killer portfolio. We could totally imagine that the experience of wagering £5000 per spin would give them a kick of adrenaline and then some more, if they win the wager. But, in all likelihood, £1000 and even £5000 slots are a novelty item - only to be played in some insane instances, such as compulsive spending sprees and the such. 

Other than that, playing like every normal player would do is highly advisable. Wagering amounts like £1, £5, £15 or £20 per spin is the normal thing to do, and could bring lucrative prizes to the luckiest players out there. And we believe we have answered the question, what is the highest denomination of slot a machine.

If you are ready for some low and medium stakes slots action, claim your welcome bonus at any one casino on this page and embark on your lucky adventure.