What Is The Minimum Amount I Can Withdraw?

Published 19 Nov 2018, 12:56 p.m.

Playing slots for real money online involves making deposits and withdrawals to and from your casino account, and that is one of the most important aspects of the whole gambling experience. What is the minimum amount I can withdraw from my online casino account? – is a question that many players tend to ask. And if you have been wondering this as well, that’s the question that we will cover here. The minimum amount can be withdrawn from ATM may vary depending on the ATM in question and same applies to the minimum withdrawal amount from online casinos.

Different casino have different minimum withdrawal limits, so the Coral minimum withdrawal isn’t the same as the Paddy Power withdrawal limit. Still, online casinos function in a similar manner, so even if the withdrawal amount isn’t the same, we will explain how withdrawal limits work, what sorts of withdrawal limits are there and where you can find relevant withdrawal limit information regarding specific online casinos. In other words, if you want to know everything about casino withdrawals and casino withdrawal limits, just keep reading.

Online Casino Withdrawals Explained

So, what is the minimum amount I can withdraw? In a way, we can compare it with the minimum amount that can be withdrawn from ATM. In most cases the minimum ATM withdrawal limit is set to £5, or in some cases £10. Same goes for casino withdrawals, although it does depend on specific casino policy and the chosen method.

In most cases the minimum withdrawal is set at £10, although there are casinos that might require you to withdraw at least £20, or £30 before your first withdrawal can be completed. However, there are sites that will allow you to withdraw as little as £5, or even less.

In addition to minimum withdrawal limits, casinos also set maximum withdrawal limits and these limits can be set per amount, but also per period, so for instance you might not be able to withdraw more than £1,000 per day, or £5,000 per week.

Deposit Limits

Just as there are withdrawal limits, there are also deposit limits. So, the question ‘what is the minimum amount I can withdraw?’ makes sense, but so does the question – What is the minimum amount I can deposit?

So, let’s have a look at the deposit limits first. In most cases this amount is also somewhere in the range of £10, although again, there are sites where the minimum deposit amount is £5 or £20. The minimum credit card deposit limit isn’t necessarily the same as the minimum wire transfer deposit, just as the minimum Boku (pay by mobile) deposit isn’t the same as the lowest amount that you can deposit if you’re funding your account via PayPal.

In most cases there aren’t any maximum deposit limits, i.e. you can deposit as much as you want, but some casinos place a limit on the maximum amount that you can deposit as well. Deposit and withdrawal limits aren’t the same as the wagering limits on specific games.

While you may be required to deposit at least £10, you can play certain games with a deposit of just 20p, or sometimes even less. Similarly, the amount that you can win on a progressive game can often exceed the maximum withdrawal limit set by a casino. That’s why casinos often specify that withdrawal limits don’t apply in the case when you hit a progressive jackpot.

Withdrawal Limits

If you want to know the specific minimum withdrawal limit at a casino, check their financial terms and conditions. It is usually easy to find the website section where this is stated, but you can also search the FAQ section, or even better, you can contact customer support and speak to them directly. From our experience with customer support, they are usually very helpful and expedient, especially if we’re talking of one of the online casinos featured here on SlotsWise.

We already mentioned that there are different types of maximum withdrawal limits. Sometimes a casino can only limit the amount that you can withdraw in one go. So, let’s say that the maximum withdrawal limit is £10,000. In that case you will be able to withdraw up to £10,000 each time you request a withdrawal.

A casino can also set a time and amount limit, so for instance you could be able to withdraw £5,000 per week. In that case, if you make a withdrawal this week and you withdraw £5,000, you will have to wait until next week before you can make another withdrawal.

Sometimes casinos set multiple time limits. For example, the limit may be £2,000 per day, £5,000 per week and £10,000 per month. In that case, even though the limit is £2,000 per day, if you have made two £2,000 withdrawals, one on Monday and another on Thursday, you won’t be able to withdraw more than £1,000 that week, as that would exceed the £5,000 weekly limit.

What Is The Minimum Amount I Can Withdraw From My Paddy Power Account?

The minimum amount you can withdraw from your Paddy Power account is £10. That’s the limit for most available withdrawal methods. While the deposit limit is set at £10, the minimum withdrawal limit is somewhat higher.

If you make a deposit to your Paddy Power account it will be credited instantly, but withdrawals take more time. It can take few working days before a withdrawal is processed. If you’re withdrawing via bank transfer, it will take up to five working days before you receive your cash, but if you’re making a withdrawal to your Neteller or PayPal account it will only take between one and four hours before you get your winnings. Debit and credit card withdrawals take between two and three working days.


To conclude, the answer to the question ‘What is the minimum amount I can withdraw?’, depends on the account in question, i.e. the operator.

What is important is that all our featured casinos offer safe and relatively fast withdrawals with reasonable limits.