What Is The Most Popular Slot Game?

Published 1 Nov 2018, 9:33 a.m.

The sound of coin inserted in the slot machine, the lights all over the slots, the excitement just before you pull the lever, the spinning of the reels and potential payout. This is what playing a slot machine looks like, and you can see why people are getting excited and buzzed from the things we mentioned above, which is a small part of the whole process.

There are tons of online slot machines available, but which is the most popular slot game?There are slot machines with different themes like the ancient civilization themes, some TV shows, Movie or video game inspired, band or celebrity and you name it. All the slots have bonus features which are unique and tend to stick to their own path. There are different prizes and different denominations to them all, and not all of them can be easily found on the online casinos.

I am saying this because there are tons of factors that can determine which game is the one that we should classify as the most popular slot game, but with a little bit of research on the internet, and based on our previous experience, we have the ultimate game (for now).

Starburst Slot

There is no doubt that this masterpiece developed by Net Ent is the answer to the question “What is the most popular slot game”.

Pack your astronaut suit and get ready for the space adventure like you’ve never seen before with Starburst Slot. The Space-theme manages to invite people o the reels, and with the shiny gems and interesting prizes, things only get better and better. The online slot game has many surprises installed in it, and it comes in the shape of five reels and 10 paylines, and since it’s the most popular slot game, not only you will be able to find the game in all the casinos online, but all of them have a special promotion for their most popular game, which happens to be Starburst Slot.

The denomination of the slot ranges from £0.01 up to £100.00 where the maximum amount that you can win is an astonishing coin multiplier of x50,000.


Since the game comes from the one and only Net Ent, there is no doubt that the graphics are one of the most awesome ones in the industry. The space theme manages to impress everyone that lands on the screen of this game, and there is no doubt why that’s happening.

As the most popular slot game, the symbols have to be one of the best there are, and what impresses people more than a set of shiny jewels and gems. All the symbols of the game are different coloured and shaped gems, and they are all accounted as the high valued symbols. There are no lower valued and no wilds or scatters, but you can get to the bonus feature once you manage to make a geometrical shape out of the symbols of the game, like a triangle or a square.

How to Play Starburst Slot

The online slot game comes with several surprises. Besides having the five reels and 10 paylines (which some people might think it’s too low), there are tons of other features that you can find in the game. Check out the casinos that we have on the sides and you can land on the screen of the game immediately, with some lovely welcome bonuses given to you by the casinos.

Once that’s done, the denomination should be set, and it ranges from £0.01 up to £100.00 where the maximum win of the game is a coin multiplier of x50,000! The game has few features which may come in handy and enhance your gameplay like the Auto Play and the Bet Max feature. Whichever you decide to play with, you have to be very careful. The Bet Max sets all the parameters of the game like the denomination, coin value and level of the game all the way to the maximum, so you will be spinning with £100.00 a spin, so come up with a plan or a limit to your cash before spinning the reels.

On the other hand, the auto play sets the reels of the most popular slot game spinning automatically, with you only selecting the denomination and the number of free spins. Keep a close eye on the slot as you might need to cancel the feature and proceed manually if you have no luck with it.

Why Is Starburst The Most Popular Slot?

There are many reasons why Starburst slot is the most popular online slot on the internet at the moment. Let’s start with the maximum prize you have to win as it reaches numbers that are rarely seen in the online slot world. The coin multiplier of x50,000 is a really big one, and it’s probably one of the main reasons why people enjoy this online slot a lot more than the others.

The other thing to watch on is the way the game makes combinations and awards prizes. Apart from the 10 standard and fixed paylines that the game has, there are other ways to get to the goodies of the game. You need to create unique geometrical shapes like the triangle, circle, square and others which are found in the paylines section once you are in the game.

Starburst slot also offers free spins, and a chance to enjoy one of the best themes in the online slot world.


What is the most popular slot game? Although there are tons of popular slot games like the irreplaceable Mega Moolah slot and Miss Fortune which are rocking the progressive jackpots, some Egyptian slot games which are quite amazing and have the graphics, there is one game that rises above them all. Starburst slot has a little bit of everything that the normal slots player would love, and that’s why it’s the most popular slot game in most of the online casinos.

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