Which Devices Offer The Best Gameplay?

Published 2 Nov 2018, 11:23 a.m.

Playing an online casino from the comfort of your home can be quite interesting. You have many advantages in it, starting from the fact that you don’t need to go get up and move to a certain casino to play the games. You can play from your sofa, couch, in your yard, on the bus and basically every place that you can think of. The only question that bothers and is asked by a lot of people is which devices offer the best gameplay when you want to play an online casino game from the comfort of your home.

Knowing that there are several interesting devices that actually project the game and the casino a bit differently one from another is a question itself and choosing the right device can drastically enhance your gameplay and make you enjoy the casino games even more, so let’s see which devices offer the best gameplay when it comes to playing an online casino from your home.

Lap Top

At the moment, the laptop is the main device used by most of the players that are playing online casino. The popularity of the laptop drastically increased in the last decade when the laptops were significantly reduced their size and weight, and with the rise of the technology, we don’t see it stopping in near future. The laptops are present in almost every home nowadays, and since they are there, they are being used for online gambling a lot.

The online casinos appear differently from device to device, and when you open a game on Lap Top, you open the casinos and the game as they are supposed to be, rather than opening them on the mobile phone where the whole outlook is changed to fit the size of the screen.

It’s portable, meaning that you can go around and play the casino game wherever you want, and if the battery is strong and the laptop is new, it can last for up to three hours.

The casino lovers are satisfied with the size of the screen and the gameplay that they receive from the laptop – especially if there are a powerful processor and graphics card in it. There are tons of modern online slot games with delicate graphics that require a more suitable device to display how they are created. There aren’t many bugs, the frames per second while spinning the reel is high, meaning you get to see the whole spinning of the reels (which is fast) pretty clearly, projecting the real online slot machines spinning onto the screen of your laptop. If you have doubts about which device you should buy or use to play online casino games, here is a big plus for the laptop.


The tablet is one of the latest sensations in the technology which has a screen and can be used to play some casino games. The tablet is something between a mobile phone and a laptop, where just like the mobile device, you are using the touch screen to control the actions (unlike the laptop, where you have a keyboard and a mouse pad).

When it comes to the gameplay, the tablet offers a pretty interesting and unique gameplay which can’t be compared to any other device. The hardware of the tablet is weaker than the one on the laptop, meaning you might experience some problems while playing the slot games, the graphics won’t be as clear as the laptop and the speed of the game might be reduced by a small bit. This depends in the tablet that you are using, and if you have some of the top-notch tablets, you might as well compare to the laptop with ease.

The screen is relatively lower in inches, and that’s a problem of its own to some players which prefer the larger screen rather than the tablets and mobile phones.

The tablet lost in performance and in a display to the laptop, but when it comes to mobility, it has an advantage. Since it’s smaller than the laptop, you can more easily go around with it, and even carry it in your bag or in your pocket (the pocket needs to be a bit bigger tho).

Depending on your situation, the tablet might be better in some ways, but loses in the major disciplines like performance and display, thus making us put more points in the laptop column when it comes to playing casino games.

Mobile Phone

The rise of the mobile phone as a device itself is incredible in recent years. There are mobile phone companies which basically print new, better and more optimized mobile devices as the people are using them more and more.

In a research done in 2017, it turns out that a little bit less than 50% of the online casino players are spinning the reels from their smartphones. It’s one of the easiest devices you can carry around, you can connect everywhere on the internet and play from basically everywhere.

There are several disadvantages in the mobile phone as well, like the size of the screen, the games being optimized differently for a mobile device and few other things which are quite unimportant as the advantages are ringing much louder.

Personal Computer

The personal computer slowly fades away, and it’s for a reason. When you compare the personal computer to the laptop, you get the same results except for the fact that your personal computer is not able to move from the desk you’ve placed it on.

There is a mouse and maybe a larger screen at times, but if these two are a large factor in your personal gameplay, you can always use them with the laptop as well.

Out of the four different devices, the laptop and the mobile phone are the best to use. Now that you know which devices offer the best gameplay, you can check out our slots in the slots category and see which device fits you the most.