Which Slot Machines Have The Best RTP?

Published 2 Nov 2018, 9:39 a.m.

There are literallyfewthousand slot machines that have been released since the appearance of the first online casino in 1994.Howeverthis is not the landmark year in the history of online slots because many retro slots from the land casinos have been turned into online slots by a long listigamingsoftware developers. When someone asks why are there so many slots, the answer may not be immediately clear but one thoughtatit and it all makes sense. 

Because there are too many online casinos and they all want to make the best offer on the internet, they have to update their offering of slots regularly. So there is lots of work for the software developers which employ exceptional illustrators and graphic designers, as well as mathematicians, to deliver slots with unique gameplay. And out of these few thousand slots, not all have the same winning odds, could we safely assume? That is true, not all slots have the same winning outcomes, so which slot machines have the best rtp?

What Kind Of Online Slots Are There?

There are many different types of slots at the online casinos. The diversity ranges so widely that some of the players have a trouble deciding on agame,before they go on to something else that seems a lot more engaging. Untilcoupleof decades ago the slots were predominantly three reels with three rows and a handful ofpaylines. The graphics were of very basic quality and people had no idea what an animated sequence in a slot game looks like. 

Over the coursetimethe slots became so advanced that they feel like full-blown video games for one of the cutting edge gaming consoles made by Sony and Microsoft. The new generation of slots machines offersgamingon five reels and three or more rows. When it comes to thepaylines, the number can range from ten to one hundred, and even more than 100,000 such as the case withfewextremely entertaining slots games. 

But this is not the only format in the slots variations. We have encountered online slots that play like Tetris, quite a number of these and such that are very entertaining. Then there are literally arcade slots, where you perform a single point and click action while the game delivers its potential for winning outcomes, still based on the random number generator, just like all other slots. At any rate, the standard and the norm are five reel slots with three or four reels, usually with one bonus feature and almost always exclusively it is free spins; however, other games have more than one bonus. So of these, which slot machines have the best rtp?

What Determines the Odds Of A Slot Machine?

This is one of the most amusing questions that a slot player may have. What determines the odds? How do we know that the games are fair and other questions are very important to everyone who is committed to enjoying an authentic online slotsexperience.So let’s give a take on these matters and try to put them in a perspective.

Like we stated at the beginning, the slots are made by expert graphic designers, codersandmathematicians. The latterareresponsible for developing something called the random number generator. This is an infinitesimally long list of numbers of more figures, that may be in the severalbillions. The slot has the capacity to generate these number sequences and to each number, which is randomly selected, is attached information about the outcome of each turn - either the losing outcome, or the many possibilities of the winning outcome, such as the strength of the winning combination or the bonus game which brings on further possibilities for scoring. 

The random number generator delivers, always, a random winning or losing outcome, so there is no way to guess what comes next. In that regard, all slots have a random way of determining what comes next on the reel-set. And this is where we will find the answer to which slot machines have the best rtp. It is related to the game’s Return to Player, which is the basically the house/player edge.

Which Slot Machines Have The Best RTP Online?

The best slots out there with the best odds have become the standard offering at the best online casinos. A slot game withbestodds is one that has a Return to Player theoretical outcome of 96.00% and above. We are going to select some titles that we have reviewed at SlotsWise and present them here, where you can claim a welcome bonus and play these games at some of the best online casinos. 

Blood Suckers II

This is a NetEnt slot developed with an awesome theme of vampire hunters, who may or may not be vampire themselves.BloodsuckersII has an entertaining gameplay that delivers interesting winning combinations and a free spins bonus feature - but that is just the tip of it. The game has a high Return to Player outcome of 96.90% which counts for a game with excellent odds. Yiu can play this game here. 

1429 Uncharted Seas

In all honesty, this is one of the most ingenious online slots when it comes to the idea and the design. The year when sea voyaging opened up the rest of the world to trade, cultural exchange and some not so savory things as well. The game has bonus features, beautifully drawn symbols and a fun and entertaining gameplay. What is more, it has a pretty high Return to Player probability outcome of 98.60%. The Swedish developers Thunderkick have really done something special here, and we have reviewed the casino where to play 1429 Uncharted Seas. 

Reel Rush Slot

By all means, this online slot by NetEnt remindsofSuper Mario Adventure, but it is a thing of its own. The classic fruit symbols have been given an oblongtwist,if you catch our drift, and the background screams arcade game adventure. At any rate, the Reel Rush slot has an amazing Return toPlayerprobability of 97.00%, a hefty top payout of 480000 coins, a weird reel-setandas many as 3125 pay lines. What else is there to say then, enjoy! 

Pick any one of these and a lot more slots games with high RTP and play at some of the best casinos online, right from this page. 



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