Why do Most Slot Machines Use Fruit Symbols?

Published 25 Oct 2018, 12:53 p.m.

The Origin of Slot Machines

More than one century ago Charles Fyy built the first ever commercially viable slot machine in San Francisco, California. It was called The Liberty Bell and was the first of a series of machines. The intellectual property rights to these machines were subsequently bought out by a businessman and engineer Herbert S. Mills, who approached Fey and later went on to mass-produce the Liberty Bell and other slot machines on an assembly line. Mills’ company perfected his productions and subsequently ventured to build many variations, but also cigar, Coca Cola and bubble gum vending machines. This is where we find the beginning to the answer to the question of Why do Most Slot Machines Use Fruit Symbols.

Slots Undergo a Progression

When the first slots machines emerged in the beginning of the 20th century, many state governments across the United States had been opposed to legalized gambling, so they passed acts that limited the availability and reach of slots machines, among other things. This prompted slots machine companies to make slots in the guise of bubble gum vending machines, where the ‘player’ would put in a coin, spin the reels and if lucky, get a bubble gum. Naturally, the symbols on the reels were fruits, which was in line with the flavors of the bubble gums that were being dispensed. 

Meanwhile, slots machines underwent tremendous change in style and capability. With the advancement of technology through the decades they became more complex and began involving more reels and more room for symbols. By the 1970s slots machines built in the United States and Australia were so advanced, that they included lights and digital functions. Still, the fruits remained one of the most favorite themes in the world of online slots. But why do most slot machines use the fruit symbols? 

The Reason Why do Most Slot Machines Use Fruit Symbols

The answer may be simpler than anyone would ever think. Fruits have a good association by all means. No one has ever gotten sick because of eating fruit. If a fruit is moldy no one would eat it. Besides that, the aesthetic properties of any given fruit are worth transferring into a graphical utility for whatever you please. Take the symbol of New York City for example. Fruits are pretty, and delicious and healthy on top of that. These are the reasons why no one ever puts veal cutlets and pork chops on the reels of a slot machine and why fruit symbols are a pretty standard thing on the reels. 

Another reason why fruits are ubiquitous is because many different designs can be derived from fruits. There are dozens of slots that have done wonders with the way the fruit symbols appear. You may encounter the usual array of fruits such as watermelons, cherries, lemons, grapes, oranges, raspberries and so on. Different slots have different ways of presenting the fruits. So let’s take a look at the variety of slots that give the fruits symbols their best representation.

Fruit Symbol Slots or Fruit Machines

One of the most widely played slots is a gamesys title that is available at some great slots sites with Double Bubble. This slot game features fruit symbols and bubbles that have been fused together in an exceptional manner. Not only is the game an exemplary display of slot graphic design, but it has also a nice jackpot. You can find the amount of the top payout here and get the welcome bonus to Play Double Bubble slot.

Yet another spectacular display is the Wild Cherry Slot by the slots experts at Pariplay. This company has decided to go for fruit-only slot made in the style of 3D video games of the late 90s. The product has found itself in the lobby of many online casinos and is rocking the world of fruit machines, perhaps as much as the following two.

HeartBurst by Eyecon is one of the latest and greatest releases. Having been released in the middle of 2018 the fruit-themed slot machine took the players by surprise. Many think that this game is going to rival Starburst by NetEnt. But if you aren’t sure about that check it out. You will encounter excellent gameplay stacked with the Wild symbol in the shape of a heart, lots of delicious fruits and excellent bonus features. 

Fruit Spin is by NetEnt and has five reels and four rows and lots of great features such as free spins and sticky wild symbols. The 40 paylines deliver expanding fruit symbols and a beautiful display of splash peaches, raspberries and other symbols that have been drawn and rendered in awesome style.

Fruit Symbols Are Not The Only Ones

Certainly, fruit symbols are not the symbols that dominate the world of slots. Quite the contrary. Fruits are a phenomenon in slots because the represent a group of symbols that is used very often, however, the majority of slots have symbols that belong to a huge range of themes. You will find slots that deal with chemistry, pizza, driving, clowns, classical music, China, Ancient Egypt, Greek Mythology, Norse Mythology, Aztecs, Maya, Cards and so on. 

Some online casinos catalog their slots by theme, so if you are really into something specific you can always go to that section and pick a slot from there. Some slots are progressive jackpots and some of those have fruit symbols, so yes, there is plenty to choose from and enjoy slots machines that use fruit symbols. 

Concluding Words 

There are more themes than you can count and enjoy in the world of online slots. You can pick from dozens of themes and always be entertained by the innovation, gameplay and storyline whenever the slot has been produced with aptitude to deliver enjoyment. Fruit slots are historic, however. The first machines featured fruits, the BAR symbol, bells, diamonds, horseshoes and the lucky seven symbol because these were the objects that the makers saw most in their surrounding. At any rate, we are well past the age of simple slots and today you can take your pick of whatever style of slot you want.