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Blazin Hot 7's Slots REVIEW

The Blazin Hot 7’s slot is a super fun slot game, that offers a lot of generous rewards. What’s most impressive about this game are the blazin bonus features. So, be sure to give this slot game a try.


Introduction - test

Blazin Hot 7’s is developed by BetDigital and is a 3 reel, 3 rows and 5 fixed pay lines slot game. Your first thought might be that this is a low-paying slot, however, this is not the case with Blazin Hot 7’s. This game has pretty generous awards, which can bring you huge amounts of money. The developers deliver this game through the gaming platform NextGen. This game has a retro look and the overall setup and design are really basic. The symbols and all of the visuals are on fire, which fit perfectly with the theme of Blazin Hot 7’s slot. Once you start to play the game, you will experience that this game has a nostalgic effect. It is safe to say that this game gives a fresh and action-packed vibe to a classic slot. And the amazing audio, animation and graphics will take you on a trip down memory lane.


The minimum bet for this game is 0.01 cent and the maximum is 20 euros. Also, the maximum payout for Blazin Hot 7’s is 10.000 euros. The symbols with lower value are the cherry, the orange, the plum, the lemon, the watermelon and the BAR. When you land three matching lower value symbols, your original bet will be multiplied by 8. Also, there is a bonus game trigger symbol, which is a Triple 7 symbol. If you are lucky enough to land this symbol, your bet will be multiplied by 500. There is also a Red Double 7, which is a basic symbol. If you land three Red Double 7’s, you will be rewarded with 100 coins per pay line.


How to Play Blazin Hot 7’s

Playing Blazin Hot 7’s will feel like you are playing a retro slot machine. Before you start to play this game you should place your bet. With the help of the (-) and (+) buttons, you can increase or decrease your bet and the pay lines that you want to play. Once you adjust these features, click on the Spin button and start to play. The Blazin Hot 7’s also has an Auto Spin button, that allows you to play a predetermined amount of times, without being interrupted. If you want to stop this feature just click on the Stop button.


How to Win Blazin Hot 7’s

As you already know, the Blazin Hot 7’s slot game has 3 reels, 3 rows and 5 pay lines. The goal is to land as many winning combos as you can. So, the more matching symbols you get across the pay lines the higher your chances of getting high prizes and activating the bonus features. Before you start spinning the reels, make sure that you check out the Fortune Spins option. You can add additional bonus rounds that will help you boost your chances of landing a big win, by increasing your stake. So, let’s talk detail.


  • 1x bet - you will play a regular base game

  • 2x bet - you will play a regular base game and you will be rewarded with extra bonus symbols

  • 4x bet - the orange and the cherry symbols will be removed from the reels

  • 6x bet - the lemon, the cherry and the orange symbols will be removed from the reels

  • 8x bet - the plum, the cherry, the lemon and the orange symbols will be removed from the reels

  • 10x bet - the plum, the orange, the lemon, the cherry, the watermelon, and the BAR symbols will be removed from the reels.


As you can notice, the more you increase your bet, the higher your chances will be to land a winning combo. By removing the lower value symbols, you will be left with the higher valued ones, that bring the big bucks.

Bonus Features

The Blazin Hot 7’s slot game is best known for its amazing bonus features that might bring you a blazin fortune. To make this game more fun and lucrative, the developers at BetDigital created the following bonus features: the Cherry Win Streak Bonus, the Wild Blazing 7’s and the Spin Streak Bonus.


The Cherry Streak Bonus

After a spin, chosen at random, the cherry symbols will hold their position and you will be rewarded with one free re-spin. Every additional cherry symbol will bring you another re-spin. This will happen for as long as you are left without available cherries.


Spin Streak Bonus

Again, this bonus feature is chosen at random. After you land a winning spin, the winning combination will hold their position and you will be rewarded with one free re-spin. This feature will help you increase your winning combo, and with that, your prize will also be bigger.


The Wild Blazing 7’s

You will activate the Wild Blazing 7’s bonus feature when you get 3 bonus symbols. So, spin the reels and hope to see those three bonus symbols.


What We Think

If you want to take a trip down memory lane and play a fruit-based slot, this is the perfect game for you. Thanks to the amazing bonus features and cool designs this game will make you feel like you are in a casino in Las Vegas. The theoretical Return to Player rate for Blazin Hot 7’s is 93.99%, which is lower compared to other games. So, start spinning the reels and maybe 7 will become your lucky number.





UP TO £1000




up to £500











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