Released: 18 May 2020

The game of three reels and three rows is called, simply, Hot Fruits 27. The 27 designates the number of paylines, which isn't fixed. Those players who don't mind clicking through all 27 times on any of the two buttons that set the bet, can have the game play on as little as one payline. 


Hot Fruits 27 Slot

Hot Fruits 27 Slot Review

If we can judge what's hot in the world of online slots based on the releases in the past few months of 2020, it is Ancient Egypt games, Wild West games and fruit slots. There has been plenty of these, especially the latter, so let's see what the slots experts at Amatic Industries have prepared for the slots players out there.

Hot Fruits 27 Introduction

Hot Fruits 27 slot has the adjacent wins payline system according to which, the matching symbols can occur anywhere on the row, as long as they are three across all three paylines. That way, the players can make more than a single payline win, when lucky. The game has just a little bit more to offer than the bare basics, so let's check out the rest.

Hot Fruits 27 Design Features

In terms of the graphics design Amatic Industries have created one of those very basic fruit slots. Admittedly, it isn't terrible, or in other words, it could have been worse. Instead, this is a very simple game that you can expect to find in the slots parlor, or even at the land based casino.

The fruit symbols on Hot Fruits 21 slots are drawn without much pep to them, being just regular two-dimensional fruits, BAR symbols, Liberty bells and stars. When there is a winning outcome, however, the fruits catch fire and there is the well-known classical slots machine analogue sound jingle to mark the occasion.

How to Play Hot Fruits 27 Slot

Because the paylines are not fixed, setting up for the game requires selecting how many paylines you would like to have on. All 27 means a more engaging game, and fewer, or one, means some winning outcomes are going to get missed.

The basic bet is 10 credits, which is 1p for a one payline game. Hot Fruits 27 slot has a 100 credit bet for all 27 lines, which is 10p per spin as the bare minimum and maximum. So according to the bets, this is not an expensive slot to play, in fact it is a penny slot in the true sense of the name.

There are few buttons on the screen that are releavant to the gameplay. AutoPlay sends the reels in the automatic spins mode. Pressing the button does this immediately and there aren't any options to choose conditional stops.

The Max Bet button rises the bet to 100 credits. The minus and plus buttons which are on both sides of the Spin button are there to help you select the bet. In the right top corner of the scren is the question mark which opens up the payline with all of the symbol payouts and gameplay details.

How to Win Hot Fruits 27 Slots

This is a very low stakes game that has surprisingly a number of symbols that pay well. Even though they pay small amounts, if the game is fun to play then a low stakes action might even feel quite alright with any player out there.

The symbols on the reels are the hot red sevens, the wild stars, the bells, the double and triple BAR, and a set of fruits: lemons, plums, cherries and oranges. 

The sevens pay 4000 credits, which is 4x multiplied by the bet for three of the same. When a seven occurs with the double wild, the payout is 6000 or 6x. The bells pay 2x and 3x with the wilds, while the BAR symbols pay 2.4x with the wild.

The wild symbol on Hot Fruits 27 slot substitutes for the fruit symbols, but the effect is negligible, only 0.3x on the bet with the help of the wilds.

Hot Fruits 27 Bonus Features

This is a very simple fruit themed slot without any extra features or reel modifiers. So, no free spins, no bonus symbols, just good old slots adventure that does have a wild symbol in store.

The only extra feature, if we can call it this, is double the win outcome. A x2 is given on any win where the screen has been filled by one of the fruit symbols. Perhaps it isn't going to bring much in terms of cash, but it is a cool thing to see happening nevertheless.

Hot Fruits 27 Free Play

The game is available as a demo slot, which enables players to check out the features free of charge.

Hot Fruits 27 Closing Thoughts

Nowadays, fruit slots can assume a variety of shapes and sizes, and include a diverse set of extra features. This game doesn’t. It is one of the rare ones to provide just three-symbol win outcomes and the occasional nine-position payout with the fruit symbols.

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