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Cupid And Psyche Slot Online

Cupid And Psyche Overview

A mythical story about desire and the soul is ripe with symbolism about all the things that every human being will come to face in life. The slots experts at Bally were smart to capture this theme into a slot game that resonates with beautiful graphics and symbols that match the theme. Overall, it is a fun to play slot with standard proportions and multipliers that make other games pale in comparison. So what makes Cupid And Psyche slot worth your try? Let's take a look at the design features, how to play the game, and what you can expect from the bonus features.

Cupid And Psyche Slot Design

Please don't hold your breath if you are expecting to findmesmerisingsymbols and animated sequences that are out of this world. The design is more down to earth despite the fact we are dealing with cupid and psyche here. The symbols do have some interesting qualities in terms of design and rendering. For example,cupidand his arrow appear as if from a piece of vintage porcelain soup dish. 

We don't know what the black-haired lady is doing in the picture, as the highest paying symbol in Cupid And Psyche slot. Is she Psyche? We can't know for certain, but she makes an odd presence on the reel set, yet she pays quite a sum, especially when you are rolling on a higher wager. As for the rest of thesymbolsyou will find there aren't too many picture symbols. Besides Cupid, Psyche and the Cupid And Psyche slot logo, there is a harp and all the rest are cards and card faces,

How To Play Cupid And Psyche Slot

This is one of the online slots that has 40paylinesand they are all active at all times. The meaning of this is that you will never miss any winning combinations. The amount that you could get for the return of every winning instance depends on the total stake. This amount derives from the bet per line, and in that regard, you can play with any amount between a single penny to several pounds. So you can take it from here that the basic wager per spin will be £0.40 and the highest in the few hundred pounds. 

It is a thankful circumstance that Cupid And Psyche slotshasa scatter symbol whichconjursup a bonus game, which in turn results in free spins and multipliers. Perhaps you will not get as many free spins, but on the other hand, the multiplier amount does reach some serious heights. So that is one thing to balance the lukewarm visual engagement of this online pokie machine. 

Cupid And Psyche Bonus Features

One of the best features of this online slot. Period. We know that Ballyarenot going to just make a slot game and leave us hanging with half-way graphics and no thrills. The bonus feature comes with free spins. It doesn't matter if you land three or five of Cupid's bullseye scatter symbols. Three or more will result in 12 free spins, however, the multiplier on your winnings will go up when there are more scatters in the combo that triggered the bonus. In this particular order, the multipliers have made our smiles stretch wider and wider as they go up in volume: Three scatters - 3x; four scatters - 10x and five scatters - 25x multiplier. 

The wild symbol works during the free spins bonus feature, so no worries, that lady in black makeup will work with any symbol except the bullseye. 

How To Win Cupid And Psyche 

Winning the game is a matter of sheer luck. The constitutive component that makes up online andland basedcasino slotsisthe random number generator. This endless sequence of numbers spits out a combination to which is attached a randomly selected winning or losing outcome. So it is safe and certain to state that winning any slot game is not based on skill, rather, it is based on luck. 

That being said, the player can only hope to get lucky or do few things that prolong the gameplay, and during that extension of time and turns, hope to end up matching a high wager to a strong winning combination. Slots with multiplepaylinesthat allow the players to play for pennies per turn are easier to “control” in the sense of stretching your pound as much as possible. Landing the bonus feature could improve the chances for landing a strong combination and getting that multiplied by the bonus feature’s multiplier. 

Concluding Remarks

Cupid and Psyche slots is an all right slots machine. Not great, not bad, but just all right. And that isfine,because anyone can try it and see if this is the lucky slot game. So if you wish to play it there is one thing that gets you started on the right footing:

Claim a welcome bonus by selecting one that you like, from the list of casinos right on this page. Enjoy and good luck! 

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