Released: 1 Apr 2013

What if Robin Hood was a woman, rather than a man in green tights?

Lady Robin Hood Slot

Lady Robin Hood Slot Review

We are all familiar with the legend of Robin Hood and how he stole from the rich to give away to the poor. Lady Robin Hood slot is a game loosely based on that concept, with one notable difference – namely, here Robin Hood is a lady. Why they didn’t decide to call the game Robina Hood, or Robyn Hood is beyond us, but we’ll have to say that it is a pretty exciting slot. 

The game comes with five-reel, four-row grid and a total of 40 paylines. Keep reading if you want to find out more about Lady Robin Hood slot and what you can expect from this Ballyslot. For now, we’ll only reveal that you can expect to see a lot of thematic symbols, such as a flagon, a dagger and of course, coins.

Lady Robin Hood Overview

The action takes place in the forest of Sherwood and everything else resembles the Robin Hood story, again with that one notable difference that we mentioned above. The grid is somewhat different compared to most other slots that feature five reels and three rows, but most of the other settings are pretty much standard, nothing unusual about Lady Robin Hood slots. 

There are 40 paylines and each payline is shown as a number, and all numbers are displayed on both sides of the reels. The game logo is displayed above the reels, it’s the words from the title pierced by an arrow. 

That’s our brief overview, if you want to gain a more practical insight into how Lady Robin Hood slot works, you can always try out the Lady Robin Hood demo and see what this game is all about.

How To Play Lady Robin Hood Slot

Before you spin the reels of Lady Robin Hood you will need to set your wager. You can adjust the amount that you wish to stake per spin. It starts from one penny per line, but you can also increase your wager. Bear in mind that there are 40 paylines, so when all of them are active, the amount that you place per line is multiplied by 40. The total stake is also displayed, right of the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons that allow you to adjust your wager and left of the spin button. 

In addition to controlling your wager you are also in a position to set the reels to spin automatically by clicking on the autoplay button. Once you click this button, you get to choose the number of spins that you’d like to play. You can also toggle the sound off, from the button placed left of the autoplay. 

How To Win Lady Robin Hood

For a win in Lady Robin Hood slot you will need to get at least three instances of the same symbol across the reels, unless the symbol in question is the lady herself, or the quiver or a dagger in which case a combination can be triggered with only two symbols across an active payline.

The amount that you’ll get if you get two lady symbols across a payline is equal to the amount that you wagered and same goes for the dagger and the quiver. Otherwise you can win fifty times more than what you’ve wagered if you get five lady symbols across a payline. 
The symbols that we have mentioned so far are the standard game symbols, but you can also see a few special symbols on the reels of Lady Robin Hood. There’s a wild symbol and a scatter, or a free game symbol. There’s a special target symbol that appears only during bonus games, but we’ll talk a bit more about that below.

Lady Robin Hood Bonus Features

You will need a minimum of three free game symbols to active the Free Game bonus. When the bonus game begins you will get three arrows and you need to fill in a part of a shield. Once you have filled one of the shields you will get the reel to lock, causing it to become a wild reel. 

Once a reel becomes wild, that increases your chances of hitting a winning combination. The Arrow Mystery Wild is another bonus game, and here between two and eight arrows randomly fall onto the reels automatically becoming wild symbols. 

All players aim to activate at least one of the bonus features and while there is no easy way to trigger a bonus, as they are triggered entirely randomly, we can see why the bonus features are so desirable.

Our Lady Robin Hood Review

A game with a unique theme and interesting bonus features, it is pretty easy to see why Lady Robin Hood slot is so popular. The game RTP is 94%.

Register with one of our featured partners, claim your bonus and play Lady Robin Hood slots and a range of other games!

Key Features
  • ProviderBally
  • Reels5
  • Min BetTBC
  • Max PayoutTBC
  • RTP94.00
  • Paylines40
  • Max BetTBC
  • Bonus Rounds0
  • VarianceTBC
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