Released: 29 Sep 2020

You are looking at a patch of the Amazon rainforest from a birds-eye perspective. You are a hero who is leading a band of adventurers under the canopy, towards a hidden treasure, but lo and behold, a throng of demons starts coming at you and you have to put your coin to the effect of killing them to the last.   

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Max Quest - Mission Amazon Slot Online

Oh dear. BetSoft have tapped some dark depts of inspiration for the present game. It looks and feels like a fusion of a cloning experiment gone wrong and the opening of a portal from hell that sends soullusty demons to earth. 

Players may find the game as Max Quest - Mission Amazon slot. The title says it all, you are on a quest in the Amazon and you need to get out alive. But what the title doesn't tell you is that the gameplay is a one-off shoot-em-up style of an online slot. Quite unique and for that matter, engaging. 

Max Quest - Mission Amazon Design Features

Max Quest - Mission Amazon slots entails awesome graphic design that reminds of the Diablo series, except it is a game of chance. In some respects, the game reminds of Dungeon: Immortal Fear slot, but it is actually a lot more engaging because you are battling scores of creatures at the same time. 

There is not much more to be said about the graphics, except, play Max Quest - Mission Amazon and find out what we're talking about and to really see if this is a style of a "slot game" for you.

How to Play Max Quest - Mission Amazon Slot

Playing the game requires some setting up as it is not as simple as press Play and see what shakes out from the random number generator. BetSoft has made it more interactive and far more engaging than any online slot we've seen and this is also the reason why some players are simply going to pass Max Quest - Mission Amazon slot. 

To start playing you have to secure a balance because the shooting takes place automatically and deducts the corresponding coin amount as per your selection. Different guns cost different amounts and you can buy additional options in that regard. 

All of the settings and buttons for the game at hand can be found at the bottom of the screen or along the sides on your mobile device. You can switch through the selected weapon by pressing the button with a pistol on it and you can view the paytable by pressing the star button. 

How to Win Max Quest - Mission Amazon Slots

Winning in the game requires killing a host of creatures that range between carnivorous ants, tiny toads, demon skullbreakers, stalking jaguars, crazed guardians, armed warriors, vine witches, jungle runners, exploding toads and more. 

This is a score of enemies that has infested the jungles of Amazonia and you have to kill as many as possible in order to receive cash prizes. Each creature on the Max Quest - Mission Amazon slot has hit points and attack points. The higher the level, the harder it is to kill the thing but also the more rewarding.

The most lucrative kill is that of the Skullbreaker as it weighs 1350 hit points at the second level, 1500 at the third and 1200 at the first. Making one drop also causes a number of prizes to drop that are high-paying in nature. 

Max Quest - Mission Amazon Bonus Features

BetSoft has furnished the game with a set of ‘reel modifiers’ if we can name that the extra events that can occur on the screen any time during the game. What these do is cause damage to the creatures or even wipe them out completely during that swarm-up. The main extra feature is in the guns. The more expensive it is the better the chances are a creature gets destroyed sooner than later.

Max Quest - Mission Amazon Free Play

The game is available as a free play demo slot at online casinos that host slots by BetSoft. This enables players to try all of the features with free credits, however, as it can be expected, winning outcomes are not paid in cash. 

Max Quest - Mission Amazon Closing Thoughts

Overall the game is unique and that makes it strange, so not every player will go for it. It is worth trying it nevertheless if you are looking for a high-octane reel adventure and potential payouts of up to 6000x. 

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Key Features
  • ProviderBetsoft
  • Reels0
  • Min Bet0.01
  • Max PayoutTBC
  • RTP97.50
  • PaylinesTBC
  • Max Bet1.00
  • Bonus Rounds0
  • VarianceHigh
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