Released: 22 Jan 2020

Viz Showtime is a pub fruit machine that's been brought to your mobile or PC by Blueprint Gaming. The game features three reels and three rows that spin across five paylines. Payouts are made with three of a kind, but there are too many bonus features to count on this game, and admittedly, it is never going to leave you bored. 

Viz Showtime  Slot

Viz Showtime Slot Review

Play the Viz Showtime slot for a chance to win cash prizes through the retro base game and the many bonus features on the top screen. 

Viz Showtime Introduction

Roger Mellie's character may mean something to you if you are a Brit and if you aren't then the cash prizes that can be gotten on the Viz Showtime slot may invite you for a round or few on this Blueprint Gaming release. 

The game is meant for the slots player at home as well as for the crowd frequenting pubs. You aren't going to find the usual arrangement on the reel-set. Instead, the developers have opted for the three-reels and three-rows layout. 

Otherwise, the reel action revolves around the television show as presented by the lead character who pops up on the screen to announce your winnings and the offers that you may choose to claim or decline.

Although the reel adventure is dynamic, the reel action comes with the many features that are taking place above the reel-set. This is where the players can score on games such as Roger's Big Deal, Bonus Squares, Feature Trails, Cash Trails and so on. 

Viz Showtime Design Features

Red is the color of choice here as it pervades the entire reel-set. The three reels and three rows are wrapped around with old-school lights that used to dot the classic slots machines. 

The slots experts at iDor Interactive, in cooperation with Blueprint Gaming, have included elements from the Viz comic throughout the game, so no nostalgia is lost upon those players that still keep the piles in the basement. 

Viz Showtime slots is a fully-engaging game with lots going on on the screen. There are lights and exclamations and dialogs. Wins are accentuated by a flurry of casino sounds and lights, while the top part of the screen dims and lights up depending on the bonus game that's been triggered. 

How to Play Viz Showtime Slot

This reel adventure unfolds on five paylines that are always active. The bets can be selected fromthe corresponding button which is on the lef-hand side of the reels, where it says Change Stake. 

The numbers from one to eight designate the number of the bonus that you had just reached.  What is more, there are three hold buttons that let you hold the reel while the rest go for a respin, just like in a lot of the classical slots at the land casinos back in the day. 

Viz Showtime slot spins the reels with the push of the Start button. The bets start at some modest amounts of 0.25 and can go up in value for higher returns and, of course, as a higher risk. 

There is a blue strip between the screen that is above and the reel-set. This is where the players will see the values that correspond to the progress and changes in your balance. In other words, the wins, balance and bank amounts are displayed right there. 

How to Win Viz Showtime Slots

Three-reel slots warrant wins of three matching symbols. The game includes fruits and variations of the BAR symbol. There can be more than one payline win on the five paylines resulting from the same spin.

Viz Showtime slot drops bonuses whenever a number between one and eight is attached to the symbol that's been part of a win outcome. 

In the event, the number is going to light up and move the action to the screen above. There are plenty of bonuses which can have lucky players spend significant amounts of time off the reel-set and with the bonuses. 

Viz Showtime Bonus Features

A free spins bonus is included to the litany of extra features on this game. Players will find On The Box, Chain Reaction, Golden Nuggits, Stella Vision, TV Trumps, Morning Glory, Razzle Dazzle, Mellie's Money, Cash Convoy, Roger's Big Deal Big Money, Bonus Squares, Feature Trails, Mystery Squares and other features. 

For example, one of these is a television show where Roger Mellie offers a cash prize for your TV. You choose the television set from the two rows above, and each comes with a cash prize. You can opt for the trade off, or not, depending on your hunch feeling about the coming choice, because it may unravel a blank screen, which amounts to no cash. 

Viz Showtime Free Play

Blueprint Gaming don’t release all of their games as free demo slots for too many obvious reasons. First off, Viz Showtime is based on proprietary content so some venues will be barred from featuring it as a demo, however, account holders can play the game in practice mode, as a demo. 

Viz Showtime Closing Thoughts

It’s a nice pub fruity that’s been brought to your mobile device or personal computer. In terms of the potential payouts, you shouldn’t expect grand amounts (exposure) but there are wins to be made if you are lucky to get more bonuses in a short number of spins. 

Discover the Viz Showtime slots by claiming a welcome offer right from this page and play at top shelf online casinos.

Key Features
  • ProviderBlueprint Gaming
  • Reels3
  • Min Bet0.25
  • Max PayoutTBC
  • RTP96.00
  • Paylines5
  • Max Bet500.00
  • Bonus Rounds12
  • VarianceTBC
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