Released: 11 May 2020

The point of the game is to reach the fortress but along the way there are red scorpios, ogres, medusas, spike barricades, but also treasure chests, weapons, magical potions and more. This certainly doesn't sound like your typical online slot, so it beckoned us to try it out to see if it's one of those online slots that players either love or love to hate.

Fortress Charge Slot

Fortress Charge Slot Review

Some of the slots players out there care to know where their games comes from, the same way people care whether their cocoa beans are fair trade. 

Fortress Charge Introduction

Perhaps not to the same extent, but hey, jolly people make awesome games, or so the logic goes, and we know for a fact that Crazy Tooth Studio are a bunch of highly creative geniuses who aren't afraid to bring new things to the table.

Following The Incredible Balloon Machine, the Seven 7s slot, and Diamond Force the Reno, Nevada based company is relasing the Fortress Charge slot. The game plays like one of those games for mobile; it is interactive, engaging and the character progresses forward as more cash is won. 

Fortress Charge Design Features

The design is what makes the game one of a kind in the world of online slots. Indeed, it plays like an arcade game, but it is still a game of random outcomes, that is to say, a game of chance. You, the player, are in the boots of a valiant knight whose mission is to reach the end of the three-level stage. 

Your stake goes further towards the big payout at the end if you are lucky enough to get weapons and potions (consider these as wilds and kickers and reel modifiers) early in the game. Fortress Charge slots  pushes through with a fully animated gameplay and makes every spin a new adventure. What is more, the developers have picked the right soundtrack to the game, making if fully, a well-rounded production.

How to Play Fortress Charge Slot

Setting up for the gameplay is very easy. All of the controls and settings can be seen on the right hand side of the screen. From top to bottom there are following buttons: the menu is the three-dash line symbol; the bets are selected from the poker chips button, the right-pointing arrows are the fast spins mode and the autoplay is the button below. At the very bottom of the right corner is the button for spin.

Fortress Charge slot has a more narrow range of bets, but there still are enough options there for anyone out there to play the game as they please, be it low stakes, medium or high stakes adventure. The smallest bet is only 10p per spin and the biggest bet is £15.00 per spin. Since the game doesn't have any paylines, the bet plays with the potential of reaching across the entire three levels on the screen.

The fast-forward button that toggles on the fast spins is more than necessary, unless you want to watch the game as it unfolds in its arcade game style of gameplay. Selecting that button speeds up the process because a single spin may take quite some time. The autoplay button for Fortress Charge lets the players choose the number of plays and makes available a number of optional conditions.

The menu has some settings, such as the sound and displays information such as the symbol payouts and their effects on the reels, as well as the game rules. Since everything is automated in the game, there is no need to read up on any of this, as it will appear on the screen as it unfolds.

How to Win Fortress Charge Slots

Here is how Crazy Tooth Studio figured out how to make the gameplay and its payouts. Your character can be one of five heroes. Each spin can result in a different character. Your character progresses automatically by moving to the squares on the grid, which can be empty or contain one of the following: treasure chest, multiplier, a reel modifier (weapon, potion, etc), a monster, or a barrier. 

The reel modifiers, treasures and multipliers are collected automatically. The treasure chests are instant cash wins of up to 15x multiplied by the winning bet. The monsters that you defeat pay cash and the barriers are cleared if you get help from the game. It can happen that you aren't able to cross the spiked wall or any of the monsters, in which case you go for a new spin.

The most lucrative win in Fortress Charge slot is reaching the fortress. The maximum payout potential is 1500x multiplied by the winning bet, but these can vary depending on the random number generator.

Fortress Charge Bonus Features

The game packs all of its features as part of the regular gameplay, so there aren't any extra features such as free spins or pick-me games, although it would have been super cool to have either of these and see how Crazy Tooth would have done it. 

The only symbol that we can extra is the magic wand. If any of your characters picks it up along the way, it can defeat any of the monsters. 

Fortress Charge Free Play

As it is typical for this studio, the game is being released as a free play demo, which allows the players to play it with free, non-paying credits to test the game.

Fortress Charge Closing Thoughts

We can't tell in which parallel universe this game can deliver the maximum payout of 16,000x but if Crazy Tooth Studio's runs had triggered such outcomes then let it bet. Otherwise the RTP is 96.45 and the volatility is unexpectedly high.

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Key Features
  • ProviderCrazy Tooth Studio
  • Reels0
  • Min Bet0.10
  • Max PayoutTBC
  • RTP96.45
  • PaylinesTBC
  • Max Bet15.00
  • Bonus Rounds0
  • VarianceHigh
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