Released: 14 Jan 2020

Crazy Tooth Studio has developed an incredibly original game for Microgaming's Quickfire platform. Playing on zero rows and zero reels, the point in The Incredible Balloon Machine slot is to blow up the balloons to sizes that can bring payouts. The game has a medium variance and a theoretical RTP of 96.75%

The Incredible Balloon Machine  Slot

The Incredible Balloon Machine Slot Online

Blow up balloons in The Incredible Balloon Machine slot and play for a chance to win prizes of up to 3082x on the winning bet. 

The Incredible Balloon Machine Slot Introduction

One of the craziest online slot games comes from a studio that has the word crazy in it: Crazy Tooth Studio, which is based in one casino country known as Nevada. 

This isn't your typical online slot. Instead of reels and rows, we are getting a wild contraption called The Incredible Balloon Machine slot

The objective of the game is to start putting air in the balloons and cause them to swell bigger. As the balloons grow bigger so do the potential ash prizes. 

Payouts are made when you have reached a prize while the balloon is still holding up. If it pops the prize is lost, if it lives, you can collect the money. 

Each balloon is allotted a number of seconds during which the wager has a chance to grow to bigger amounts. 

Even though the concept is bizarre and previously unseen, The Incredible Balloon Machine slot will find its share of online slots players who have had a thing for arcade games and mobile app games. 

At any rate, the maximum payout has been clocked at 3082x multiplied by the winning bet. 

The Incredible Balloon Machine Slot Design Features

The gameplay consists of a whole lot of balloons. They just keep coming and you either make them blow up and let them float, or they pop.

The game is the design and the other way around. Crazy Tooth Studio has made a flying machine and we are in it, floating in the clouds.

A number of cool visual effects are part of the action on The Incredible Balloon Machine slot. For example, as the balloon is getting bigger the machine starts shaking.

The lever and the meter effects make it seem as if you are really pulling levers and thereby navigating this flying machine. 

Overall, the design of the Incredible Balloon Machine slot is solid and provides a complete gaming experience, even though the game doesn't offer any reels and rows. 

How to Play The Incredible Balloon Machine Slot

The players can start inflating the balloons and the potential prizes that they can bring by pressing the big red button in the centre of the screen. 

But before you make any moves you should check out the amount of the default wager and see if it is a sum that you like to spend per each spin. 

The bets in The Incredible Balloon Machine slot can be changed from the right side of the screen by pressing the button with three poker chips. This will open up the list of bets from which you can select. 

The minimum bet is £0.20 per spin and the maximum bet is £50.00 per blow. Incredibly, the game does come with an autoplay button, which is located underneath the BET setting. 

In the event, each turn is a result of a random value for the potential prize, win or loss, as it is also random when you play the game manually. 

How to Win The Incredible Balloon Machine Slot

This payout mechanism and the mechanics behind it are called WiNCREASE, which is a proprietary trademark of Crazy Tooth Studio. 

Is it likely that we are going to see more games like this one? It is hard to tell, perhaps it is possible if The Incredible Balloon Machine slot gains in popularity and becomes one of the slots that people are going to look for on the online casino rosters. 

Playing the game is beyond simple. Press the red button to initiate the 'spin'. The balloon will start inflating and this will draw the wager. If you hold the button pressed the growing balloon increases the initial wager (credit) and with it the win. 

If you are satisfied with the prize you can press the Collect button to pick up the prize. 

The Incredible Balloon Machine Slot Bonus Features

The bonus feature is triggered if you successfully inflate the golden balloon. If it happens, you are taken to a second screen Pick Me bonus game, where you pick the balloons to reveal a prize. 

What is more, The Incredible Balloon Machine slot offers multipliers of up to 10x and these become available in the base game, so the wins can swell up to some rather savoury amounts. 

The Incredible Balloon Machine Slot Bonus Free Play

Crazy Tooth Studio aren’t overly famous for releasing all of their online slots as free play demos. They have cooperated with Microgaming and released slots on Quickfire, so it may be possible that the game can be found there in demo mode.

The Incredible Balloon Machine Slot Closing Thoughts

That this is a unique question is proven fact, but will it suffice to become a quick success? Let’s watch and see. We know that the slots players on our side will play it more than a few times so let’s see if it ever becomes played out.

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Key Features
  • ProviderCrazy Tooth Studio
  • Reels0
  • Min Bet0.20
  • Max PayoutTBC
  • RTP96.75
  • PaylinesTBC
  • Max Bet50.00
  • Bonus Rounds1
  • VarianceMedium
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