Released: 11 Sep 2017

CryptoLogic decided to make something outstanding – and they did!

Jewel Quest Slot

Jewel Quest Slot Review

Cryptologic has done a great job in the past with its slots, where some of the titles are Casinomeister slot, Superman slot and many more.

Spin the mysterious crystal skulls and enchanted jewels for a top symbol prize of 2000 which can be gained multiple times. The Jewel Quest slots are known for their unusual reel set and the high-stakes possibility which gives the players a shot at some exquisite winning potential. 

Jewel Quest Slot Overview

Written in strong, bold letters styled akin to the unmistakable 'Indiana Jones: Raiders of The Lost Ark' font lettering, the Jewel Quest slot is one take at a slots adventure taking place in a mysterious vault filled with prizes and coveted objects. The slots experts at the CryptoLogic studio have come up with an ingeniously irregular reel-set that covers more rows than you will ever see in most online slots, but to be succinctly precise, the Jewel Quest slot has ten rows and six reels. This invites an engaging gaming experience that comes with lots of symbols and a number of strong prizes, of which the biggest is 2000 coins times the wager. 

Jewel Quest Design

The gameplay takes place in an Aztec temple, as it can be inferred from the game's surface to the left of the playing field. There stands a stone relief of a man of native Mesoamerican features, adorned with weapon-carrying holsters, jewelry made of bone and various gems on his bulky necklace. This beautiful display of Aztec culture is just in line with the game's symbols, the majority of which are skulls of various shapes and materials. 

The array of skulls in Jewel Quest slots is rather expansive and we wonder if some of these have been actually discovered and are displayed at the museums around the world. At any rate, these are the symbols that rank lower on the scale of pay. The high paying symbols are the jewels, and that is quite understandable even though the legend of the crystal skulls is so fascinating and these symbols look a lot cooler. 

How To Play Jewel Quest Slot

Setting up the gameplay requires just select the size of the bet. Since there are no paylins that can be configured, the bet size is the only amount that you need to specify, that will in turn provide the size of the wager per each spin. The two other options in the controls and settings department are the Paytable and the Auto Play. 

We all know that the paytable will pull up the drawer where you can see all of the pay combinations, while the Auto Play function lets you kick back and relax while the grid is working its own magic. The Play button can't be missed, as it is a huge emerald dead-set to the right of the stretched-hide for a grid-set. Above the Play button is the Balance and the amount of the latest win, and the size of the bet, which is displayed for the second time on the playing surface. 

How To Win Jewel Quest Slot

The game has a rather wide range of bet amounts that could be made per spin. Precisely. you can play for as little as £1, which is not so little compared to many other online slots, and you can select any amount between that and £500 per spin, which makes CryptoLogic Jewel Quest slot a rather high stakes game. 

On the other hand, we have a top win of 2000 coins, which is only possible if you land all of the yellow gems that could possibly be generated on the grid. That amount will be multiplied by the bet size, so playing with just a pound will ring up a £2000, and any other amount past the basic bet could see you pocket some rather serious amounts for a slot game. 

Jewel Quest Bonus Feature

A game by Crypto Logic is always worth celebrating. After all, this is one of the founding companies of the online casino world and it is responsible for releasing memorable titles, which have all been excellent. However, for the Jewel Quest slot not having any bonus feature takes away from the gaming experience. There should have been a free spins or free falls feature that could have added weight to the slot, and attracted more players as it is unique in its own right. 

Crypto Logic Slots

This company is known for having produced the Bejeweled series, based on the famous mobile and computer game. But there is a lot more to be noted about this Ireland-based outfit which was originally founded in Toronto, Canada. Crypto Logic made the Hulk! Slot, King Kong slot, Green Lantern, Batman and many other video slots based on popular movie franchises. 

Now just to note that this is something that not just any company can get, so we get a clue that Crypto are respected in the field and they justify this respect with releasing stellar slots games that receive their land-based casino editions besides being released online.

To play Jewel Quest slot claim your welcome bonus at one of the online casinos on this page. 

Key Features
  • ProviderCryptoLogic
  • Reels5
  • Min Bet1.00
  • Max PayoutTBC
  • Paylines60
  • Max Bet500.00
  • Bonus Rounds0
  • VarianceTBC
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