Released: 1 Jan 2014


Oktoberfest Slot

Oktoberfest Slot Review

Play the festive Oktoberfest slot for a chance to win the jackpot prize of £125,000, or parts of it. You can also play for the potential win of £5000 when landing five Wild symbols, or few other smaller prizes. 

Oktoberfest Slot Overview

The holiday of beer, sausages, pretty young ladies in traditional Bavarian outfits and the cheer of Bavarian polka. This is the stuff that makes every Oktoberfest, well, Oktoberfest. Even those who haven't visited this festivity still have some kind of association for the event as one that creates an atmosphere of cheer, singing (those who know the words) and lots and lots of all kinds of high quality beer. 

So we have an Oktoberfest slot which celebrates precisely these things. Who knows, it may just happen so that you get lucky enough and register some hefty symbol combinations which may potentially result in decent cash, which would call for a celebration with a mug of hops brew. 

Some punters say that Cryptologic have hidden a top cash payout of £125,000 somewhere in-between the reels, and we tend to believe this high-quality slots producer. Oktoberfest slot is not the only slot that celebrates this holiday, but it is one of the most lucrative and also most fittingly representative. So let's make a foam mustache and get into the game. 

How To Play Oktoberfest Slot

Setting up for the gameplay takes just several clicks, until you figure out the amount of the wager that you are going to spend per each spin. The controls on the Oktoberfest slots are located in the bottom panel, just below the reel-set. This is where you will find the buttons that say Clear Bet, Bet Nine and Bet Max. 

However, to set the value to the specific amount that you desire, look in the bottom right corner and located the window where it says Credit Value. This is where you can select the size of the bet. The betting amounts start as low as £0.45 and could be as high as £225, with many amounts that you can select from in-between these margins.

The game has nine paylines and these are not fix, meaning you can play on as many as you would like. To access the paytable on the Oktoberfest slots, where you can view all the pays and other useful information about the game, simply click on the PayTable button in the bottom left corner. 

Oktoberfest Slot Design

The game design really isn't really astounding. The graphics are just all-right, nothing too crazy, but that does not correlate to the fun gameplay. You get to see what you would naturally imagine seeing at Oktoberfest plus some of the ambiance sounds going on in the background, such as beer mugs clinking on the cheers and celebratory shouts. 

The game's Wild symbol is represented by a horse with the wording 'Wild' on it. This is the game's top paying of the symbols, but why is it there? It probably represents the famed Bavarian Hofbrau horse, as it struts ceremoniously on the streets of Munich and at the Oktoberfest fairground.

The other symbols are the Bavarian frau, with goldilocks and ribbons and all that, the gentleman with the beer glass, the green hat that is typical for the countries around the Alps, there is then a barrel, a pair of Bratenwurst, a smoking pipe (we have no idea) and a harmonica. 

As for the bonus symbols, there are three of these - one features a mug of beer, another features a bottle of bear and the third features an empty glass. 

How To Win Oktoberfest Slot

Winning the game is always a matter of luck. This is in fact true for every single slot out there, not just Oktoberfest themed slot games. That is because winning on slots comes by way of the random number generator, which is an algorithm that produces millions of possible outcomes, and chooses one in a matter of milliseconds, at random. 

So that being said, it's always good to keep to mind that winning on the slots is always in the hands of Lady Luck. The Oktoberfest jackpot may fall upon the luckiest player out there, who plays the slot at the right day, at the right hour. Always a random thing! 

Yet, there are enough bonuses (three in total) that can help increase your chances for a win. There is then the Wild symbol which can line up in five instances and deliver a payout of 5000 coins. The Bavarian frau is also there to potentially treat you to a 1600 cash prize when you see her symbol land five times, or four, because it can be substituted by the Wild. 

To start your singing, cheering adventure on the Oktoberfest slots you can select a welcome bonus from one of the casinos right on this page. 

Key Features
  • ProviderCryptoLogic
  • Reels5
  • Min BetTBC
  • Max PayoutTBC
  • Paylines9
  • Max BetTBC
  • Bonus Rounds0
  • VarianceTBC
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