Electric Elephant

Electric Elephant

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A London-based studio caters to big companies in the world of online gaming by providing insights that they draw from their knowledge and insights in the industry. Electric Elephant have released a set of games and look poised to deliver more of this exquisite content. 

Electric Elephant Games

Electric Elephant are a gaming consultancy company that also produces online slots. Thus far their productions have appear on Microgaming's Quickfire platform and it looks like they will be releasing more exciting slots. 

According to the website Electric Elephant source on insights and experience not just from one sector, in order to develop games that are driven by core details. 

They have released a number of games that bear the marking of professional, cutting edge products. Electric Elephant get their edge from a set of tools that help them look beyond the face value and from there on they provide game design methodology and future proofing. 

Thus far they have released games that draw inspiration from a range of themes, from druids to the dragons found in Chinese mythology. Their products are Volsunga, Dragon Strike, Joker Jackpots, Fruits go Wild, Space Spins, Wild Society, Divine Immortals and more. 

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