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With GamesOS, you are getting great gaming adventures combined with incredible prizes as well. The company has about a decade of experience and strives to create the best possible games for its players. Read on and learn more about what the company has to offer.

Everything You Need To Know About GamesOS

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Our Verdict on GamesOS

This company has certainly made an impression in the iGaming industry and continues to do so. GamesOS is a great software developer that focuses on many aspects of the gaming world and not just online gambling, which makes it a very talented and experienced company, capable of creating some really fun gaming experiences.

On top of that, the company has also signed a partnership with Playtech, which is one of the biggest leading developers today. This is only further proof that GamesOS has something very interesting to offer to its players. Let’s dive into the details and see what exactly that is.

About GamesOS

We were first introduced to GamesOS back in 2011 when the company was founded and it certainly made a mark. The head office of GamesOS was located in the UK and it seems that is where it continues to be.

The company put a lot of attention into making sure that their games provide not only quality but also safety and security as well. Because of this, they use a Random Number Generator (RNG) for their games, which makes the outcomes completely random. This way, players can be certain that nothing is set up.

As far as awards are concerned, it doesn’t seem that GamesOS has made that big of an impact. The iGaming industry is incredibly competitive and dynamic, so something really monumental is necessary in order to win such a prestigious accolade, but maybe it will happen in the future.

GamesOS is very present in the industry even today and its games can be played in some of the most famous casinos around the world. These include the likes of 888 Casino, as well as Slots Million Casino. On top of that, the company’s products list expands to gaming platforms and even payment solutions.

GamesOS Games

GamesOS was incredibly active, especially in the first half of its career and has released around 180 games in total, which is really impressive. Even though the company is not as productive now, it still continues to release great casino games every once in a while.

The library is really diverse and it is made up of quite literally every possible type of game. The majority of which are of course video slots, but there are also classic slots, roulette, card games, scratchers, dice games and many more. No matter what mood you are in at the moment, you can find something that will entertain you.

GamesOS offers customizable options for their games, especially the video slots, which means that operators can customize certain aspects of the games in order to fit their players’ needs and demands. This includes many great surprises, as well as massive jackpots too.


Despite being present in so many famous casinos and being so popular among players, when it comes to the visual aspect, the GamesOS games are not exactly on par with the games that are created by the leading providers today. The graphics seem a bit dated, but the design of the symbols and backdrop always fits the theme.

When making these games, the developers did not stick to a certain RTP range, which is why these values range from way below the industry average, up to well above it. Some of the RTPs stand as low as 92%, but some of them can go as high as 97%.

There is also the entertainment value of the games as well. The different types of themes and entertaining gameplays are a big part of the reason why GamesOS is still so popular in many casinos around the world. With such a wide array of games, you can always browse and choose to try something different and enjoyable.

Popular GamesOS Slots

With so many successful games over the years, it’s hard to determine which ones are the most popular, but one thing that they all have in common is the fact that you will be entertained no matter which one you choose.

Most of the video slots come with quite a straightforward gameplay, but the operators can customize certain aspects of the games, which can also include tournaments, as well as many other great surprises. 

Among the most popular titles, we have Farm, Party Night, Pirate, Totem Quest, Archipelago, and many more.

Farm Slot

You can experience life on a farm with this interesting Farm slot. The title of the game is quite self-explanatory and the reels are full of all kinds of fruits and vegetables, and there is also a great backdrop. The gameplay is straightforward and there are many amazing prizes.

farm slot

Party Night Slot

With the Party Night slot, you can experience an incredible night out in a club where the reels are covered with alcohol and beautiful girls. The atmosphere of the game is great, plus the different coloured spotlights and nightclub aesthetic make the whole experience more immersive and worthwhile. 

party night slot

Pirate Slot

Pirate slot offers a fun and unique gaming experience that entails 3 reels and only a single payline. It combines the exciting pirate theme with a classical way of playing and the result is a great gaming experience with many potential prizes.

pirate slots

Mobile Experience

The goal of the casino games developers is to make sure that the games are accessible to players at all times and GamesOS is no different. In order to achieve this, the company utilizes HTML5 technology. 

In other words, you can choose to also play this game directly in the browser of smaller devices such as tablets or smartphones. The same visuals and gameplay are perfectly carried over to the small screen.


All in all, GamesOS is a really successful software provider that is still present in many casinos around the world, and rightfully so. Despite not being as active now as it used to be, the influence that the company has made over the year still remains and their incredible games can still be enjoyed even today.

On top of all of that, you can expect the games are quite diverse in terms of their themes and genres, so they are appealing to all types of players and tastes. Furthermore, GamesOS gives the operators the chance to include jackpots, tournaments and many more incredible surprises that will make your experience much more exciting.


What types of slots does GamesOS offer?

With GamesOS, you can choose to play anything from video slots to roulette, dice games, scratchers, card games, and even classic slots. They all come with great gameplay and many potential prizes.

Which are the most popular GamesOS slots?

Farm, Archipelago, Totem Quest, Party Night, and Pirate are just some of the most popular titles released by GamesOS.

Are GamesOS slots secure?

Yes, GamesOS makes sure to adhere to all the required rules and regulations of the markets. Plus, the company uses a Random Number Generator for its games, which guarantees fair play and random outcomes.

Are GamesOS slots mobile-friendly?

Yes, all of the GamesOS games are made with HTML5 technology, which makes them compatible with smaller devices. This allows you to play them even on your mobile or tablet device, without any issues.

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