Released: 12 Feb 2019

Nerves of Steal Slot

Nerves Of Steal Slot Online

Play the Nerves of Steal guessing game for a chance to win £1,000,000 on the biggest bet of £100, or many other smaller prizes. 

Nerves of Steal Slot Overview

It looks like a game show, it plays like a game show, but you wouldn't believe that it is meant to be a cross-over between a slot game and a game which you can play on television in a luxurious studio. With Nerves of Steal slot, the developers have managed to create a slot game that doesn't depend on reels and rows in order to provide some thrilling reel action. You will immediately find yourself immersed in reel action that unfolds across many fields that are hiding the cash prizes. Your objective is to rub your luck the right way and reveal the fields that will turn up the potential cash prizes from behind. 

The Nerves of Steel slot puts you in the hot seat of what by all means resembles a popular game show, but game show this is not, and that is unfortunate because we would have loved it. Still, Nerves of Steal has been long enough to impress quite a number of players that have called this slot game their favorite for few years now. You can try it to see why, but we will share some of the game's details to present it and give it its due relevance. 

How To Play Nerves of Steal Slot

Playing the game requires of the player to decide the starting bet first and foremost. At the beginning of each new game there is a default sum that acts as the wager, but the players don't have to go with what is offered. Instead, selecting a smaller amount for the bet, or one that is bigger, is easily done by shifting left and right by using the arrows. Once selected the bet amount (the basic one is £0.50) the player is taken to the grid marked by the Nerves of Steel logo. There are ten reels and five rows, which is comprises a grid of 50 fields. 

The gameplay is in the grid Basically, the objective of the game is to reveal as many of the poker chips as possible. Yes, it requires luck for you to hit every single one, but there is a gameplay feature that lets you get closer to the winnings, however, it will cost you a little bit extra. With every miss, the next selection on the grid will come with an added cost. With every hit, there is a sum of money that goes into the pot. The next chip that you hit will have an amount that is displayed above the grid. You can cash out, claiming the coins that you have won, or you can continue playing for a number of turns. Each next miss will subtract from the coins that you have won thus far. 

Nerves of Steal Slot Design 

The game starts in the lobby which is the spacious interior of what looks like a grand ol' casino, fully fitted with smooth columns and regal design. This very first screen is where you make a selection of the bet per each game. The smallest amount that you can play with is £0.50 and the most expensive wager is £100. 

Now these amounts reflect immediately in the dynamic Top Prize window, so whatever you select you will be shown the prize of the potential payout. Once you have decided on the amount, hit the Play circular button and you will be taken to the grid of 50 fields. This is where you get to make a number of hits. 

Since this is a novelty game, we can't really call it is a slot, but it is a non-card, non-table casino game. That being said, Nerves of Steal slot doesn't have any symbols. The only fields on the screen consist of the Nerves of Steal logo represented by the letters NS, and a poker chip that comes with the value displayed in the Next Chip field. Once a winning has been made, the golden pot in the bottom center of the screen becomes filled with gold coins. 

How To Win Nerves of Steal

We have here a game of chance that has ten randomly distributed chips across the field of 50. Thinking about it, the odds are not at all bad, on the other hand, there are 50 fields to choose from. So, in the end, we come to terms that this is a game of chance. Now if you are very lucky, you may even hit all ten fields containing a chip. Playing with the biggest bet of 100 per game, the potential outcome of hitting all ten is £1,000,000. If you play with a smaller wager, say, £0.80 per game, in that case, the top prize is £7,880.

Key Features
  • ProviderGamevy Group
  • Reels0
  • Min Bet0.50
  • Max PayoutTBC
  • Paylines50
  • Max Bet100.00
  • Bonus Rounds0
  • VarianceTBC
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