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Check Out Genii and Their Top Games - You Will Love The Way They Are Different From Everything Else.

Genii Group Games

Genii has been in the iGaming business since the mid-90’s and with more than 130 of the games they’ve developed, they stated their presence in the online gambling industry as a pretty powerful gaming software provider. They are providing games on a slower tempo than some of the top gaming providers that we know, such as Net Ent or Microgaming, but their games are as good as their competition, as obviously, they have to keep up with the tempo that is happening in the online gambling world.

The guys from Genii Software is currently located in Vietnam, the United Kingdom and Malta, with original headquarters in UK and 2nd and 3rd office in the other two countries since their rules and online gambling regulations are not as harsh as the UK market.

They managed to grab licences from the Gaming Authority of Malta as well as the UK Gambling Commission.

Genii Software Developers are known for developing some awesome games that you can play on their casinos, but they are also known for creating a gaming platform alongside Microsoft and Dell which propels their business up the skies and plays as a core platform of the same.

Genii Mobile

Nowadays, the mobile gaming has risen to a point where it was never this high in history, and it will never be as low in the future. Genii are aware of this, therefore they decided to dedicate themselves to creating some of the best mobile games that are available on Android, iOS and Windows mobile platforms. They’ve become one of the best and largest company to create such games.

In addition to this, they are also responsible for creating some of the best social media games, mainly for Facebook.

Casino Software

The software which Gemii is using is one of the most versatile in the world and covers a lot of aspects in its spectrum. They have managed, as we already mentioned, to create one awesome platform for Dell and Microsoft, which is just a small piece of their pie. They are also creating online casino games, mobile dedicated software, cashier system as well as bonus and loyalty software for the casinos and their respectful players. They are also responsible for some of the best CRM platforms, casino management suite, player connect platforms as well as social media game solutions.

It also develops communication software that allows for live messaging, live chat and email. It has also designed and integrated a feature that lets you log into an online casino by simply connecting your Facebook account, a feature available on many non-gambling sites already but a first for an online casino.


Genii’s portfolio of games is a comprehensive one, and although some of the people online thing that 130 games are a low number of games to start with, others find it amazing how they managed to become successful with this low number of games and find it astonishing at how awesome their games are. While some people would rather go for quantity, driven by some of the best creators of online slots games such as Microgaming, Net Ent, Play N’ Go and many others, the second group of people will go for quality, and that’s where Genii comes in handy.

The games that they are featuring include online slots live dice games, live keno, poker, baccarat and wheel of fortune. Everything that the players want, except for scratch card and instant games, can be found in the Genii portfolio.

The gams are available in over 10 of the major languages and they accept all the major currencies.

As always, they have to be focusing on one niche of games to prosper, and for Genii Software, it’s the slots and live games. They are the most popular, and most of the games they’ve created are in this niche. The most interesting thing is that they are nothing like the modern Microgaming or Net Ent games that you are used on seeing – they don’t focus that much on the design and the graphics, and they tend to create games that are much more interactive with the player that is spinning the reels. Take Spin16 as an example, and if you ever have a chance or decide to play some of the Genii games, this is the one you should try. You will see how you can control the whole interface of the game, create it and modify the same according to your needs, and creating a brand-new game all for and by yourself.


 The best thing for Genii software is that all of the games are available for Desktop as well as on the Mobile device. They are one of the best gaming providers for iOS and Android and Windows versions are not that far behind. As we already mentioned, they also love creating Facebook games, and you can find them on their webpage.

Genii Products

We are happy about Genii, as more and more casinos are relying on the products that come out of the Genii Software. Their products meet the needs of many operators and their innovative solutions to what used to be a problem in the casino world solves it all.

One of the best platforms that we are using on daily basis is the ability to connect to Facebook while playing an online game – this will log you in while keeping your data safe and will take only the information about the game, your high score, your last save so you can continue playing from where you last stopped.


Since you are constantly interacting with Genii software unwantedly, it’s time to give their games the well-deserved attention they are seeking and check what the fuzz is all about.

You can try the Genii Games on Every Matrix or Tain Powered casinos or visit their site where everything is one click away from its final destination. Best of luck and leave us a review on the Genii Games!

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