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Monster Mash Cash Slot Online

Play the Monster Mash Cash slot for a chance at winning the base game jackpot prize of 20,000 coins or one of the smaller prizes, as well as the progressive jackpot. 

Monster Cash Overview

Habanero Gamingarehere to freak us out with big potential prizes and the monsters that must join hands in securing those. This is happening on the Monster Mash Cash slot, a game of five reels, three rowsand50 selectablepaylines. The theme that we have here to entertain us, and possibly startle some lucky punters with a part of the excellent payout amounts, is, seemingly, a laboratory that produces some of the quintessential creatures of Hollywood's studio era silent movies. 

Hence we have a host of creepy gentlemen and their usual inventory, which all combine with the bonus and specialty symbols for a shot at the top base-game prize of 20,000 coins on the line bet. But this is not the only lucrative prize in the Monster Mash Cash slot, as there is a progressive jackpot which can cause a whiplash at the conclusion of any given spin. 

Because it is provided at random, always courtesy of the random number generator machine, the jackpot can startle pretty much anyone, irrespective of the amount of the wager that has been used to trigger the jackpot event. That being said, Monster Mash Cash has additionally a Free Spins bonus feature that gives more edge to the gameplay, so we know that Habanero Gaming would never disappoint with a mediocre online slot game. 

How To Play Monster Mash Cash Slots

Habanero slot games have established their own specific layout for the reel set and have been using it forfewyears now. Slots pros will be quick to understand what's where, whereas those who are trying these slots for the first time will need some assistance on the Monster Mash Cash. 

Being a 50paylineslot, this setting presents the possibilityforconfiguring the number of active lines according to the player's preference. The fewest that could be played is just one line, and as you are raising the number by pressing the plus sign, the increments will jump some even numbers and go on three, five, then ten, then 15, and so on, all the way to 50. 

The number of linesdoinfluence the bet, but there is the possibility of having all 50 active and still playing with bets that are quitereasonal. This is achieved by playing with the Bet Level and Coin settings. The coin sets the amount that is applied to each activepaylinefor the spin, and the Bet Level multiplies that total amount by the number selected in that setting. The Coin value starts at just one penny, to the Monster Mash Cash slots can be played for mere pennies. 

On the other hand, the highest possible Coin value is £10 so when all of the settings are fired up to the max, the total bet per spin produces one of the most expensive bets we've ever seen on an online slot, of £5000 per spin. But this is an exorbitant extreme, and no need to ever
gothere, because there are many smaller amounts that exist in-between the basic bet of 1 penny and that other one. 

How To Win Monster Mash Cash Slot

Once the players have set up for the gameplay, or have at least an idea how to work the controls, next is the moment of pushing the Play button the first time. This sets in motion the reels and all in the direction for a thrilling entertainment and possible winnings. 

The game's top prize is 20,000 coins multiplied by the winning line bet. This can happen when the Wild symbol -Jekyland Hyde, falls in line with Frankenstein's monster symbol, that is,Victor,and that combination delivers that prize. If there are five matching symbols of Victor, the prize will be 10,000 coins on the line ber - not half bad in this variant at all.

The mummy symbol is the second most lucrative in the game, paying 6000 on the line bet when the combination has been made with the Wild. If it has occurred without it, then five mummies would just do for a prize of 3000 coins. The rest of the symbols are smaller in value, but not bad all, with the Merman paying 500 and 1000 with the Wild. 

Monster Mash Cash Progressive Jackpot

We mentioned at the beginning that this is a progressive jackpot online slot game. We aren’t aware of the amount of the seed pot, nor of the current jackpot, but considering the top base play pay is 20,000, then how hefty could that jackpot be? There is one way to potentially find out, if you are lucky beyond all luck, then the progressive jackpot may chance upon the turn of the reels. 

If you are ready to order around some monsters towards the possibility of winning the game’s top prizes, discover the Monster Mash Cash slot right from this page by claiming a welcome bonus at one of the casinos. 

Monster Mash Cash demo
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Monster Mash Cash free play
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Monster Mash Cash slot
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