Brilliant conversion of the board-game stunningly weaves the many game elements into an immaculately executed tapestry of slot action

Key Features

Reels: 5

Min Bet: 0.01

Paylines: 30

Max Bet: 10.00

Bonus Rounds: 0

Monopoly Plus Slots Review

What We Say - So what's so great about playing a board game in slots form? Well, when it's done like this, an awful lot. IGT's inventive game design sees it smuggle in as many elements of the beloved game as possible. Of course, the traditional pieces are all present, from the top hat and car to everybody's favourite dog. Mr Monopoly himself makes regular appearances, whether dancing across the screen, or just popping up to give you a twirl of the hat. Add the jaunty Jazz-Age music, and there's an undeniable sense of fun to this game.

But the charm is about more than mere presentation. Entire reels are turned Wild out of the blue, thanks to the random Mystery Wild feature. And the game itself is always in evidence. The superb Board Bonus Round sees you jumping from square to square, trying to amass prizes. You can trigger Property, Railroad or Utility Bonuses, or take a shot on the Community Chest and Chance cards. And then there's the Level Up Plus feature, which lets you move through the rankings to ultimately become a Luminary. Different moves and bonuses are unlocked as you get promoted, giving the game a real sense of progression.

IGT has really gone to town with its Monopoly license, and the result is a brilliantly entertaining and playable game that'll draw you in again and again. And you won't even need to row with your family en route to winning.

How to Win - Mystery Wild makes entire reels randomly Wild. The Wild will substitute for most other symbols. Three Board Bonus Scatters activate Board Bonus Round - offering up to four free spins, with the ability to score more free spins by getting a Double. Two Doubles will land you in Jail, and a successful attempt at escaping from here will get you a 300x bonus. Other Squares will score you bonuses and rewards. You can also Level Up for additional features.

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Monopoly Plus free play
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Monopoly Plus slot
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