Released: 18 Feb 2020

Tricolore 7s  Slot

Tricolore 7s Slot Online

Here is a classical slots machine representing the colors of the Italian tricolor, which is the flag of green, white and red. Add the number seven to that, and you have a one-payline slots machine that turns up all the familiar symbols which have been painted in the said colors. 

Tricolore 7s Introduction

Tricolore 7s slot comes from the slots experts at IGT, who had had this game destined for the casino floor, however, online casino players can also take a spin on the three-reel classical slot game, which has all the trimmings of a modern slot.

Wins are made not only with three matching symbols but also with variants thereof. This is an online slot where even three blank stops can pay a prize that is multiplied by the winning bet. And speaking of the bets, Tricolore 7s is a penny slot in the true sense of the word.

Tricolore 7s Design Features

In terms of the graphics design the game at hand couldn't be any more simple than this. Since it is a classic, retro slots machine with three reels and one payline, it somehow warrants a blocky approach as a rule. Complete with a paytable on top of the reel, Tricolore 7s slots is meant to mimic the actual slot machine from the casino floor. 

The slots developers at IGT have included an Audio On/Off button, but we should say not to even bother with it because you wouldn't get a melody by Vivaldi, but an analog sound of those old slot machines that repeats throughout. Another splinter in the sight is the awfully long spinning of the reels before they stop with the symbols. 

How to Play Tricolore Slot

In just few clicks, or taps on the screen, you can start playing the game. First thing to do is locate the Total Bar setting, which is in the bottom right area. Press the minus or plus buttons to select the from available bets. 

The smallest bet in Tricolore 7x is one penny per spin. As you go up towards higher bets you will cycle through two and three and four pennies per spin, and so on. Before you reach the maximum of £100.00 per spin, if you ever care to bet such an amount, you will reach £20, £30 and £50 per spin as options too. 

To start the reels press the spin button, which is found in the bottom right corner. This will send the reels spinning once and deduct one time the selected bet amount. The autoplay option is available for the Tricolore 7s slot too. 

The smaller spin button that has a plus inscribed in it lets you select from the automatic spins presents. You can select anywhere between 10 and 50 automatic spins. One you have selected you number press the play button and enjoy the show. 

If you change your mind and don't want to have Tricolore 7s in autoplay any longer, press the stop button in the bottom right corner. Since the paytable is posted on top of the reels, no button is needed for that information.

How to Win Tricolore 7s Slots

Winning in the game requires three matching symbols, for the most part. The symbols need to match in kind, but not always in color, as the top payout with the three sevens requires a green, white and red in that sequence. This prize pays the jackpot of 2500x on the winning bet.

The remaining payouts in Tricolore 7s slot are significantly smaller compared to the jackpot prize. The three green sevens are worth 250x, the white and the red sevens are worth 200x and 150x respectively. Any three sevens pay 80x.

The rest of the payouts begin with 50x and descend the sale down to 1x on the bet, which is paid for three blanks. But then, payouts with any red, any white, any green and any BAR symbols are also made, albeit to small amounts. 

The decent pays in the middle of the paytable are made with combinations of the single, double and triple BAR symbols. 

Tricolore 7s Bonus Feature

In the manner of true retro and classic slots, the game at hand omits any bonus features. What we get is a retro reel adventure to the Tee, so no free spins bonus and no wilds.

Tricolore 7s Free Play

Available as a free play demo slot, the players can try the game out at online casinos that host demo slots for their players. 

Tricolore 7s Closing Thoughts

Anyone who wants to take a break of those full-blown video slots is welcome to join the Tricolore 7s on the three reels and one payline. The game has a medium to high variance and a theoretical return to player of more than 96.00% which gives a decent environment for potential payouts. 

Discover the Tricolore 7s slots by claiming a welcome offer right from this page and play at top notch online casinos.

Key Features
  • ProviderIGT Group
  • Reels3
  • Min Bet0.01
  • Max PayoutTBC
  • RTP96.24
  • Paylines1
  • Max Bet100.00
  • Bonus Rounds0
  • VarianceMedium-High
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