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Jumbo Stampede Slot Online

Play the Jumbo Stampede slot is a six-reel slot game withasmany as 50 free spins feature, multipliers on the Wild symbol and the possibility for winnings to be created even on non-adjacent reels. 

Jumbo Stampede Slot Overview

A refreshing African safari-themed game of six reels has been brought to us by IsoftBet, a company that has produced traditionally good games for the casinos. Now we have their land-based slot machines as online slots and we are delighted to share the news about the Jumbo Stampede slot with its 4096 ways. The reels are filled with some of the animals that we have marveled at on the televisions shows. 

For those lucky ones who have been on a viewing safari, the game is a welcome reminder of the beauty that exists out there, but that is not the only thing it reminds us of. Jumbo Stampede is a real slots adventure with themultiwaysadjacent reels winnings and the ability for delivering potentially exceptional cash prizes. 

One of the features thatmakesthis game stand apart is found in the sixth reel. While five reelsseemsto form the standard grid to an online slot, Jumbo Stampede slotsopensup the door to themultiwaysfeature and the possibility of more symbols linking with the rest.

How To Play Jumbo Stampede Slot

The game has a modest range of wagering options, which is perfectly fine. You can deposit a tenner, or more, and enjoy for quite some time in your pursuit of fun or chances for a win. 

The smallest coin value is one penny and the biggest is one pound. Whatever amount you select, it is going to be multiplied by 20, and that gives the total cost per spin. According to thatlogicthe smallest bet per spin is £0.20 and the top wager is £20.00.

These are all the controls that you will need in order to embark on your Jumbo adventure, with the hope of seeing the Jumbo symbol more often during the free spins mode. There arefewother things though that may help you to a richer slots experience. 

You can set the game on automatic spins by selecting the button that is between the "Spin" and the Coin Value. This gives you the option to specify the number of automatic spins and the win or loss limit. Then there is the paytable, which you can recall from the "i" button which is between the Bet window and the "Spin" button.

Jumbo Stampede Slots Design

The game has a beautiful sunburst splendor of the African savanna, with a pair ofthe thosetrees that are the standard inventory of this landscape. This is the perfect backdrop for a game calling itself Jumbo Stampede, as all of the animals could be readily seen in their natural environment - and in our case, on the reel set.

The game's top paying symbol is the elephant. It appears as part of the high-valued order of symbols along with the antelope, the zebra, the cheetahandthe rhinoceros. The symbol ofhighestvalue is the elephant, paying 125 for a string of five and 150 for a string of six. The next best is the rhino, with 100 and 125 for the respective matching combination. 

The cards letters and numbers appear on the reels also, as the lower-valued symbols. These start with the nine and end with theace,and each symbol contains an African tribal tattoo. 

How To Win Jumbo Stampede Slot

Besides the regular gamesymbolsthe game also has two specialty symbols, which lead the way to bonus features. The most anticipated symbol is the scatter, which is a medallion that circumscribes an elephant. This symbol landing in three instances bring 8 free spins, but with six symbols on thereelsthe award is 50 free spins. 

Thesehowever, can be extended further if there are more of the same elephant symbol scatters landing on the reels. 

The Wild symbol substitutes for any other except the scatter. It lands only on the middle reels, which means, excluding reels one and six. This symbol really comes to life during the Jumbo Stampede free spins game, as it becomes the multiplier of x2 or x3.

Then there is Jumbo symbol which is blue during the free spins round and allows for winning payouts to occur on non-adjacent reels.

The paytable provides all the information pertaining to the symbol's values and how the winnings are calculated, but just to save you some time, the number matching symbols on each reel is multiplied with the next one over and so on, thus you receive the winning outcome.

To embark on your savanna adventures on the Jumbo Stampede slot, you can start here, right on this page, by claiming a welcome bonus from one of the casinos. 

Jumbo Stampede demo
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Jumbo Stampede free play
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Jumbo Stampede slot
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