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Cherry Red Slots Online

Play the ultra-classical, retro slots machine Cherry Red slot for a chance to win the top payout of 1600x.

Cherry Red Slot Overview

Hereisanother one of those good old classic slots machines that used to be the norm in the early days of Las Vegas. With only three rows and a single line, the Cherry Red slot machines hastwo pay levels with the first and the second coin. The title of this Microgaming release symbolizes one of the most ubiquitous symbols in the world of casinos, and even in the online casinos today: the cherry. This is the game's most lucrative symbol and just one of a handful in what is a simple yet fun-loving game. 

How To Play Cherry Red Slot

Setting up the game for the play takes justcoupleof clicks. Every single one of the control functions is located in the bottom of the screen, underneath the reel set. Because the game's entire paytable is located on the face of the slot machine itself, there isn't a paytable button. 

To select between the first and the second bet levels, use the Bet One blue button to toggle between the first and the second coins. With the plus and the minus buttons that are to the left of that button, you set the value of the wager. 

As for the range of bets, the options are very narrow and that doesn't surprise anyone considering the style of the game. The starting bet is £0.50 and the highest bet is £10.00 on the double coin, with few other amounts that can be selected in-between. 

Cherry Red Slot Design

The design of this game shouts classical with a strong smack of retro. The face-plate is the color of deep cherry and nearly half of it is covered with the symbol pay combination and the amounts won thereof. There are two columns with thepayamounts, one is for the bet at the first coin level and the other column, with the higher amounts, is for the second coin level. That means, whenever you play the second coin and you land a winning combination, the amount will be doubled. 

The symbols are comprised of the stuff that makes classical slots games. There is the inevitable bell symbol that resembles the first ever slots machine called the Liberty Bell; there is then the BAR symbol, which comes in three variations - a single, double and triple, the lucky sevens symbol and the cherries, as the highest paying symbol in the Cherry Red slots. 

How To Win Cherry Red Slot

This retro slots machine has three reels and just onepayline. Even though it appears that there is more than one row, in order for the symbols to pay, they need to land precisely in the middle. With the onepayline, the winning combinations are few, which reflects the number ofthe symbols

Cherry Red slot is a type of game that pays inthrees,or nothing. The only exception is the bell, which does pay when a single one occurs in combination of any other one symbol, or any other two symbols. Don't let that 'any one' or 'any two' confuse you. It says precisely this because a symbol may appear on the reel, but not stop on the actualpayline, in which case the stop wouldn't count as a symbol. 

The cherry symbol is the game's Wild and when in combination with two winning symbols, it either doubles or quadruples the paying outcome. The combination of three cherries on the line is the game's top payout. When on the first coin level, the result is 800 coins times the wager, and on the second level the result is 1600 coins.

Cherry Red Bonus Features

It is quite expected that the game doesn’t come with any bonus features, and that is the case with Cherry Red. This perfectly simple game could be ruined if there is a free spins mode introduced, so why spoil it? This plain, good old reel-action is all it takes for both pro players and weekend slots players to havefuntime on the reels.

If you are ready to try the Cherry Red slot, you can start right on this page by claiming a welcome bonus. 

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Cherry Red free play
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Cherry Red slot
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