Take a nostalgic trip back to the days of classic video slots.

Key Features

Reels: 3

Paylines: 5

Bonus Rounds: 0

Joker 8000 Slots Review


It’s a pleasure to present a retro online slot by one of the best developer studios in the world. We are talking about the Joker 8000 slot which has a straightforward game with a classic grid and a top payout of 8000x times the winning bet. 

The gameplay and the winnings have everything to do with the Joker, which substitutes for any symbol. However, whenever this symbol appears in two or more instances, it triggers a winning. The more jokers you land on the grid, the bigger and better the payout is. 

Joker 8000 Slot Overview

There is a genre of online slots that brings back the classic vibe of the old pokies. These were the norm and standard slot machines few decades ago. Some developer studios have continued to throw out a game of this kind every once in a while, so they are not completely gone from the casino floors. With online casinos it is easier, because a title like Joker 8000 doesn't take up any space, yet, it provides a group of nostalgic players with a dose of simple yet entertaining reel action.

Joker 8000 slot features three rows and three reels of reel action on a display that has the paytable right on top. If anyone ever wonders why this game, don't look further from the question of who is behind it. It is the company that launched the first ever online casino - Microgaming, and they are known for making a range of styles, from retro slots to complex three-dimensional slots with multi paylines

How to Play Joker 8000

To launch the gameplay you need to first select your bet. That is done in few quick clicks that set up the bet size and the number of paylines. This online slot machine is shaped like a real upright gaming cabinet on the casino floor. The face place has poker insignia, the selected paylines are lit and the paytable is on top of the thing. 

There are some buttons that deliver a single command. From left to right, there is a black spade and next to it a red diamond; these buttons are used for the gamble feature which lets the player play red or black following a win. Next to these two buttons is the Collect, which does exactly what it says - it collects your winnings or stops the gamble game when you've reached few positive turns. The fourth button is Change Winlines - pushing it repeatedly will change the number of active paylines, which are from one to five. 

On the right-hand site on Joker 8000 slot there are a plus and a minus button and the Start button. The first two serve to bring up or down the size of the bet and the Start button sets the reels spinning. 

How to Win Joker 8000

There are some really interesting opportunities for scoring a hefty win in this Microgaming release. The title of the game itself suggest the top payout of 8000x coins, however, it doesn’t say anywhere that the same amount cannot be won more than one time. We can’t say that there is one symbol of exceptionally high value.

Landing three cherries pays 20x, three lemons do 30x and watermelons produce a winning of 50x. The next level are the BAR symbols, three of which deliver a better payout of 80x and the triple crown combination leads to 100x. These payouts are not half bad in comparison to most online slots out there, in which the tradeoff is a more entertaining and speedier gameplay. However, here we have the opposite, and any combination past the watermelon symbol may be considered more than decent. 

On the other hand, landing more jokers means better payouts and the paytable states exactly what you would be expecting when landing two or more jokers on the reel-set. The order of business goes as follows: two, four, six, eight or ten jokers will set off payouts starting with 500x and going into increments that rise exponentially and lead the top payout of 8000x, which comes with all jokers covering the entire grid. 

Joker 8000 RTP

One of the best features of this online slot, besides the simple and straightforward gameplay and the top payout, is its return to player. The theoretical outcome by way of the random number generator, or popularly known as RTP, is a comfortable and above-average 96.50%. Considering that this is a slot that anyone can enjoy given the full range of betting options, the Joker 8000 RTP is just an icing on the cake. 

Concluding Remarks

Joker 8000 slots is a magical retro slot that delivers the feeling of being on the casino floor. That being said, the online casino slots have a much lower RTP, compared to our game that has a marvellous 96.50% return to player.

To start on your Joker 8000 slots adventure, select a welcome bonus from our casinos and head on to test your luck today. 

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