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We have never seen a bunch of bananas on a retro slot game, but hey, sometimes there is a first time for everything. On the Monkey's Money slot by Microgaming, there couldn't have beena wayfor the slots experts to create a game without any bananas, considering the happy monkey who seems to be happy to exchange the game's top cash prize of 3000 for a handful of those yellow delights. 

The game is as retro as it could get. You will find nothing more and nothing less than three reels and onepayline, on a slot machine that belongs to a specific era during which most slots machines were more or less of the similar design and flavour. So what is a completely simple slot game of the type they don't make anymore, is available right here as a curiosity, because, believe it or not, such slot games have their own fan base. So if you can be appreciative of three reels, onepaylineand like to place for a chance to win 3000 coins, then the Monkey's Money slotis the game for you. 

How To Play Monkey’s Money Slot

With so little going on on the reels, no wonder setting up the game for the play takes justfewclicks. The controls are locatedinthe bottom of the screen, and you won't be able to miss them because these are all represented by blue buttons. To set the size of the wager, you need to work with the plus and minus buttons. The basic and most affordable bet is £0.50. For a game like this one - retro and nearly forgotten - it does seem a bit surprising that there aren't any smaller bets available. On the other hand, half a pound doesn't seem way over the top to be spent on a game that has about ten winning combinations, of which two arebedelivered with just one symbol.

Clicking the plus button raises the bet to a maximum of £10.00,howeverthe BET ONE button seems to regulate further the bets, as it shifts the level between the first and the second coin. Thatmeans,the winning outcomes are determined by the level at which you are playing the coin size. At any rate, the game's biggest possible wager is £10.00 and that sets the second column of winnings own, whenever you tell the Money's Money slot to play it.

And if you are looking for a paytable, you aren't going to find one because all of the pays are displayed on the face-place. Such are these retro slots that there never was a need for a separate paytable to be made for in-game viewing. 

Monkey’s Money Slot Design

Back in the day when these retro slots machines were being made, we could say that the designers probably did have some fun doing it. Seen from the distance of today's technology, this looks like a very simple game. However, the purpose of these games is precisely to provide ano frillsreel action, albeit on just onepayline

The game's symbols are just a handful and the pays are hard not to follow, as there is a total of nine lines of pay. The game's Wild symbol is themonkey,and it is the most valuable symbol, paying 1000 for there and 3000 at the second coin level. With the monkey substituting for any, it seems that other winnings may stand a better chance at occurring, and there arecoupleof other high-valued outcomes.

The triple seven combination delivers 300 and 600 coins, respectively, and the triple bar stacks pay 100 and 200 to the second coin power. 

How To Win Monkey's Money Slots

Coupleof things worth to be mentioned before we close our review are the possibilities for landing a win with just one symbol. You wouldn't find that in most online slots, but it is the case in Monkey's Money slots. 

Whenever you land the bunch of bananas symbol andany oneor any two symbols, the game will pay one or twocoins,or three and six for the stronger hand with any two. This means that the wild and a banana would make a winning combo, as well as any other symbol in a pair with the bananas. 

If you are ready to start your monkey’s money slot adventure you can start right here by claiming a welcome bonus at one of the casinos on this page. 

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