Released: 1 Aug 2014

Dated but pleasing stroll through the Greek legends of yesteryear

Stash Of The Titans demo

Stash Of The Titans Slot Online

Greek Mythology is a treasure trove of such fresh and exciting stories, that its charm seems unlikely ever to fade. And as long as we have Greek Mythology, we're likely to also have Greek Mythology-themed slots. This is another goodie that uses the power of mythological monsters and beasts to power an awesome slot game. The graphics are fairly cartoon-like, which dims the effect of the fearsome Medusa, and the gargantuan Kraken. Nonetheless, the characters are vivid and, strangely, rather fun.

Being a 2008 game, some of the features in Stash of the Titans slot may seem slightly dated, although there is a Free Spins Bonus Round - and its complement of 15 free spins and 4x Multiplier remains generous. More could have been done with the unadventurous Wilds, and the 20 paylines may seem a touch meagre. The 200,000-coin Jackpot is still astonishing, though.

Amusing rather than frightening, and pleasant rather than all-action. It's a game that has clearly peaked, but it remains a solid little title for those who like Greek Myths.

How To Play Stash Of The Titans Slot

The game has an intuitive controls board which is located underneath the reel-set. You will notice there is a tiny Parthenon in the left bottom corner, which displays a number. This is the button for the coin size. You can select here the amount that will be bet per payline, and in that regard the values start at just a penny and go up to £1.00. 

To the right of the Coin Size setting, you will notice the button for the Lines. Here you can select how many paylines you want to have active during your gameplay. This number is 20 in total, but you can play with just one if you wish. Of course, this value can be changed whenever you want, as long as the reels are not spinning at that very moment. 

Next to the Lines button is the Coins cup. Here you can extrapolate the value derived from the coin size and lines. What this button basically does is, it sets the levels at which your bet will be multiplied, and you can use this if you want to crank up the size of your total bet per spin. 

The Spin button can't be missed because it stands out due to its gold and yellow color layout, sitting in the bottom right corner. The Paytable can be called from the Payout button, which sits above the window that displays the balance of your account. 

Stash Of The Titans Slot Design

We have here a very well thought out slot game that even though dated, still offers good entertainment, which is something besides the potential cash prizes and the ultimate jackpot. The theme being Greek mythology, you will find all of the symbols may be familiar, even though they have been drawn and rendered in a children's coloring book manner. Every fantastic creature from  the minds of the ancient peoples can be found here.

There is Pan who is portrayed with a goat's hind legs and a pig's head, there is the three-headed hydra, the three headed dog Cerberus, the winged horse Pegasus with a valiant rider on his back, the minotaur holding  sword and the centaur is there as well. The snake-haired medusa is the game's scatter symbol which brings on the favorite bonus feature of free spins. 

How To Win Stash Of The Titans Slot

Winning the game is a matter of luck, and luck is such a non-matter that it can visit upon anyone, but that is a random occurrence that no one can even count upon. It just happens. Just so, the jackpot happens upon the lucky players out there. Considering the Stash Of The Titans slot jackpot of 200,000 coins, this is a game that sits on our list of favorites. We like the fact that it is a bit dated, so some our slots experts revisit it at the casinos and make a number of rounds for a chance to land the winning combination that will unleash that hefty sum of money. 

But just in case luck has wavered on the opposite end of the spectrum, the Stash Of The Titans slots has bonus features and an interesting way of marking winnings. The free spins feature starts when you have the medusa symbol land three, four or five times on the reel set. In the event you will get 15 free spins with a multiplier of 4x on all winnings that may occur during the rounds. Then there is the Stash Of The Titans slot Wild symbol, which can bring you up to 50,000. There are too, many combinations of the game’s symbols that bring serious amounts during the base game. 

To play the Stash of the Titans slots, start your adventure by claiming a welcome bonus right from this page. 

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