Released: 1 Jan 2015

Feel the royalty and grab one of the best prizes available on the online video slot games with Grand Crown!

Grand Crown Slot

Grand Crown Slot Online

Spin to win on the Grand Crown slots or play for fun. You could be playing for the game’s jackpot prize of £10,000, so find out some more details about the game.

Grand Crown Overview

Enter the shoes of a king and play the Grand Crown slot. Perhaps it won’t make of you a royalty overnight, but it could get land a jackpot amount in your player account. That kind of sum may certainly look swell amd to open up to that possibility, this retro slot game offers an entertaining gameplay that may lead you to the top prize. 

The magic in the reels consists of Neogames’ unique approach in developing a gameplay that is simple, yet fun to observe and participate in. The game is not embellished with animated sequences and visual tricks. This is a plain old slot game with a horizontal surface that houses all of the game’s components. That being said, Grand Crown slot has retro looks with a contemporary twist. 

Retro slots are known to be clunky, with the reels turning slowly and unimpressively. On the other hand, contemporary slots that have been made with retro feel in the mind of the developers are always en vogue. You could play more than a dozen retro games. However, not all of them do justice to the “retro” genre. Grand Crown does justice to the classical Vegas gameplay like a really good cover band does justice to those who’ve inspired them, by not being a disingenuine copy of the original.

At any rate, whatever preconceptions one may be keeping about a slot game, it all gets blow apart by the fact that Grand Crown is a jackpot slot with not a negligible amount that could be won. So let’s find out some more detail about the game and how to get closer to the top prize.

How to Play Grand Crown Slot

Grand Crown is a 3x3 grid slot, meaning, you are playing on three reels and three rows. If you’ve been around slots, you would expect a nine payline game, but, this isn’t the case with Grand Crown. This game has five paylines and we guess that makes this game even more retro. What is more, the paylines can be brought down to a single one, which is amazing, because that lets you play this game for pennies a turn - not a bad approach if you want to have a long-term affair with the game. 

The smallest coin size that you can bet per payline is £0.10 and the most that you can bet is £10.00. When playing all five paylines the total amount of the bet amounts to £50.00. These amounts provide a wide betting range for all the players and you could choose to play on as little as one payline, which is going to the the central horizontal line. However, to really increase your chances for winning a high-yield combination, you can choose to play on all five paylines. That way no potential winning combinations could be missed, especially not the one with the highest payout made of all the Grand Crown slot logos that could fill the grid. 

Grand Crown Slot Design

The game has a design that is rather simple. Yet, on the other hand, this layout suffices the requirements of a solid, alright slot game. Everything that you need to play the Grand Crown slot is available on a single layout. There is the paytable that displays all of the symbols that you would find in any slots machine made before the year 2000. 

The only thing that departs from the golden colour are the cherries, which is the least valuable symbol and pays x2 when it appears on the reels. The other symbols are the sign and double BAR symbol, the triple sevens, the golden stars and the diamonds. 

Besides the paytable you will see the paylines grid right above it and a sign that states the game's jackpot. At the bottom horizontal margin are the game's controls. There is a Max Bet button, a Spin button, an Autoplay option and the controls that let you set the amount of the bet and the number of paylines. 

Last but not least, there is a huge Grand Crown slot logo in the form of a crown sitting on top of a coat of arms type of shield. 

How to Win Grand Crown Slot

Winning the game is not an outcome that you could prepare for or calculate. You can play your entire life and not score the jackpot. Or, conversely, you could make your first pull of the lever on the Grand Crown slots and trigger the jackpot windfall. That being said, it takes luck to win on any give slot game out there, because there is no skill involved in playing these games. At any rate, the Grand Crown jackpot amount is £10,000 and it is won when the entire grid is covered with the crown symbol. The game doesn’t have any bonus symbols, and therefore it doesn’t have any bonus features. So no free spins on the Grand Crown slot, however, you could play with free spins when you claim a welcome bonus and find the game in the roster’s casino, as long as it is available as part of the bonus offer. 

Our Grand Crown Review

Playing this online slot is easy and there are no frills involved. A simple, laid back slot, easy on the eyes, yet with a nice prize to play for. You can experience the Grand Crown slots when you locate it at any one of the casinos on this page. This means, a welcome bonus award is just around the corner, a click away on the casino of your own choosing - so, good luck on the Grand Crown and may the Jackpot meet you soon. 

Claim your welcome bonus and get free spins or free play money, or both, when you start your player’s account today. 

Key Features
  • ProviderNeoGames Group
  • Reels3
  • Min Bet0.10
  • Paylines5
  • Max Bet50.00
  • Bonus Rounds0
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