Released: 11 Oct 2015

Check out this Mayan civilisation based game where you can play an Indiana Jones character and search for the long-lost Mayan treasure. This game can be played with a denomination from £0.50 to £10, where you can win all the way up to £100,000.

The Lost Maya Slot

The Lost Maya Slot Review

Play The Lost Maya slots for a chance to win many hefty prizes, including the 5000 and 10,000 coin prize.

The Lost Maya Slot Overview

There is a beautiful online slot that takes the civilization of the Maya and gives it a good spin-around. The result is a visually-fulfilling and fun-loving game called The Lost Maya slot. You will find a grid of five reels and three rows that are filled with the most intricately colorful symbols that depict various elements that are part of this old civilization. Its theme is not uncommon in the world of online slots, but here we have a game by a lesser known producer - Multislot - which have done an excellent job in creating a slots machine that provides both the gaming entertainment and the possibility for landing winning combinations. 

The Lost Maya slot is able to generate a top payout of 10,000 coins and couple of other quite decent pay combinations, both of which are associated with the Wild symbol. The game has two bonus features, of which one is a second screen game and the other one is a free spins feature. Just by glancing over these basics it can be readily seen that Mayan Secret is a game that could potentially become one of your favorites. 

 How To Play Mayan Reel Slot

Here is what you need to do in order to set the reels spinning. First find out how much you are willing to spend per payline. The game has a coin size range that starts with a penny and skips through several increments to reach to the max coin size of 25c. The game has 25 paylines, which are selectable, and the coin size is applied to the number of lines which are selected. 

In the world of online slots, it is generally considered that the players tend to shift through various payline configurations and here is what is meant by this: you can play on all 25 paylines or just one or few paylines, of any number in between. As you lower or raise the number of active lines, the amount of the total bet will also change. The smallest amount that can be played on Lost Maya slot is one penny, and the top amount is £31.25, which comes as result of all 25 being active on a 25c coin size, to the fifth bet level. 

For those who have not yet encountered the Bet Level setting in slots games, it basically is a way of raising the total bet across more levels. Say the basic bet of one penny and one payline is one penny, when set to the fifth level it is going to amount to 5c. The same goes for any sum - it is a way of multiplying the total stake by the number of the bet level, and that gives some players the chance to make this somewhat of a high-stakes game, that really doesn't go over the board with the maximum amount that can be spent. 

The Lost Maya Slot Design

One of the best parts of the game is the slot's graphics design. Here the game creators at Multislot have invested some extra creative energy in order to bring us an entertaining gaming experience. The reel set has been built as if part of a Mayan temple. On top of the reels are two symmetrical statues of some kind of deity. The symbols on the reels have backgrounds with an interesting texture, that are also radiant, giving a glowing effect. 

The symbols are separated in two classes - the lower valued cards letters and numbers and the higher valued picture symbols. The former start with ten and end with the ace, which is the highest in this category, paying 200 for five. 

The picture symbols are a mysterious serpent, a beautifully rendered golden jaguar, a parrot, a shaman who has a hand-held totem in his hand, and a huge face carved into a rock which represents the entrance to a secret place, which is guarded by a waterfall. This symbol pays a hefty sum of 5000 for a payline of five matching symbols.

The rest are the specialty symbols: the Bonus Round, which is a Mayan stepped pyramid which a huge ray of right channeled from the sun; the sun eclipse is the symbol that brings on the free spins bonus feature, and the Wild symbol is a dancing drinking cup carved with the feature of a Mayan deity. This is the game's top paying symbol. 

How To Win The Lost Maya Slots

Winning the game is a matter of luck, however The Lost Maya slots has some symbols and bonus features that may potentially help you in that regard. The Wild is the most valuable of all symbols. Not only does it substitute for any, even the 5000 coin one, it pays a whopping 10,000 coins if you manage to land five on a payline. The sun eclipse symbol is the scatter and three of it trigger five spins, however, landing four will result in 20 spins and landing five results in a whopping 60 free spins. During the bonus game you can click on the available icons to select your cash prize.

To discover this and other Mayan themed slot games, start by claiming your welcome bonus right from this page. 

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