This is one of the variants of poker that has the biggest chance of confusing you and that makes it all the more fun to play. This is the poker variant that has two or three names, depending on the geographic location you are in. So it is sensible that you would make it necessary to know all of these names so that you pick the right version whenever you decide to play. Yes, we are talking about the Caribbean Stud Poker game, which is also known as Casino Stud Poker or Casino Five Card Stud Poker (in the United Kingdom).

The Only Progressive Jackpot Poker Game

There is yet another thing that makes this poker variant unique. The NetEnt Caribbean Stud Poker is the only poker game that has a progressive jackpot. How could this be possible? Well, you may find the answer in the fact that this is a poker game that you play not against other players but against the house, or the casino.

Indeed, it is just you, yourself and the virtual NetEnt dealer sitting on the table across of you. Regardless of where you may be playing, this specific NetEnt poker game will have a shared jackpot across a number of online casinos. 

Disadvantage Could Be Your Advantage

Considering the game's payouts, you would be in for a surprise. The NetEnt Caribbean Stud Poker has the lowest payout amounts from a long list of casino games. The reason for that is because the game was designed to provide individual attention to the player, so that he or she may play alone if that has been their wish.

That's completely understandable, and the impersonal house, represented by the dealer, is the perfect interlocutor who may or may not engage in banter. That all depends on the player. In the online NetEnt Caribbean Stud Poker version, it is the player and the musical score that engage in a communication of sorts, and this provides for a pleasant gaming experience. 

How To Play NetEnt Caribbean Stud Poker

The game starts with the player placing his ante. Once this is done, both the dealer and the player will receive the starting five cards. First come the player’s five cards on the table then the dealer’s, who reveals one card. Following this, the player’s cards will be made visible which prompts him or her to make a decision - call or fold?!

You need to have a good intuition or simply trust in your own luck when it comes to making the decision whether to go forward, considering your hand and the player’s one visible card, if it could mean something to you at all. If you have a decent hand then you should go forward.

NetEnt Caribbean Stud Poker Bonus

To play this card game with some bonus money you need to claim a welcome bonus at the casino in which you haven’t played before. Starting your account will let you in on some kind of promotion that starts you up with a sum of play money to spend on casino table games, such as the NetEnt Caribbean Stud Poker. 

To claim your welcome bonus select a deal from one of the online casinos right from this page, and enjoy this amusing Poker variant.