It might or might not ring a bell to some of you, but we are going to be talking about NetEnt Red Dog, which is also known as Red Dog Poker or Yablon. It is considered to be a very similar variation of acey-deucy or in-between, and to play it you need to have a standard deck of cards with all the 52 cards in it. The first signs of the game were found in the United States during the 1800s, and at this time, it was known as the previously mentioned In-Between.

In the first century and a half of playing it wasn’t popular at all due to the fact that the liberal rules made it fairly easy for players to cheat, and as such, other card games like regular poker were liked much more. It would be in 1931 when the game was redesigned and reintroduced to the local casinos by a random unsung hero. The game had a new name of Red Dog and new rules, making it surprisingly difficult to cheat. It is usually played on a blackjack table, and the basic objective of it is to wager on which cards are dealt, whilst hoping that a third card will be dealt with a value in between that of the first two.

Simple, right? Well because of that simplicity more and more people started liking the game and the game rose high. NetEnt wanted a piece of this so they made their own version of it and that’s what this article is all about – NetEnt Red Dog.

How It All Looks

On your first glance of the game, you will realise that NetEnt is following the similar pattern with all their table games, and Red Dog isn’t any different. The game is played on a green felt table with wooden surroundings/borders and across the top of the table, you will see the dealer, right next to a sign reading out the minimum and maximum wagers able to be played. In Red Dog, this stands at €1 and €100, respectively.

The chips can be seen in the middle, while on the left are the cards that have already been dealt. There’s also the progressive ante limit shown, which is €1,000, and the pay table can be seen across the very middle of the table. The most interesting features that you can see at the bottom of the screen are two buttons with ‘Raise’ and ‘Ante’ written in them. These will most definitely enhance your gaming experience and bring the gameplay to the next level.


The game, overall, is one of the most interesting table games buy NetEnt and you will see it as soon as you enter the screen and start playing.

Select a casino on the right-hand side, make sure you check the welcome bonuses and you are ready for fun times. Remember, when the fun stops, stop.