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Joker Wild Slot Online

Play on one row and five reels a cross-over between poker and a slot game. The Joker Wild slot made by NetEnt brings the best of both worlds and some great prizes to go along with the gameplay. 

Joker Wild Slot Review

Besides being champions in the making of online slots, NetEntarealso really goodinproducing casino table and card games. But what we have here is the Joker Wild 1 Hand Poker, which is a crossover between poker and a slot game. Unlike other slots, you won't find three or more rows.Insteadthere is only one row and five reels, which stand for the hand that you are dealt and the cards that come in place of those that you choose to let go. 

Indeed, the Joker Wild slot works just like a poker game, minus the small and bigblings, calling and raising of the bet. Strangely though, it still feels as if you are playing a poker game, yet, there is the slots adventure embedded in the gameplay. So let's go into some more detail about Joker Wild slots and what else makes this game worth exploring. 

Joker Wild Design

The design of the game has a 'twisted' look and feel, which is very different from the virtual card games that are released by NetEnt. Their productions in that segment are usually regal, to reflect the expectations of the cards players who are professionals and want to play a poker game as if at the casino. At any rate, this game has some interesting graphics in the background. There are small details that give character to the game. 

There is an image of a joker who may as well appear in a DC comic book on the opposite side of Batman. This is the game's definingcharacter, and it is the card that is wild. So the joker will substitute for any given card on the table. 

Other than that, everything about how the playing field is organized is straightforward. You will notice the buttons on the controlpanel,and the Hold buttons underneath each card. The two tables on the left side and above the cards tell you the size of the winnings.

How To Play Joker Wild Slot

Setting up the gameplay takesfewclicks to do. In the right bottomcornerthere is the Coin Value button that you will find on every single online slot game by NetEnt. The bar which is at the bottom of the playing surface has the available balance and the size of the bet per each hand. If you wish to elevate the level, you can do that by clicking the Bet Level button, which lets you take the basic coin values and multiply them across several veles.

How To Win Joker Wild Slot

Winning at a poker game does involve skill. There are countless books written on poker strategy, counting cards, bluffing and so on. Most of the advice pertains to playing live poker at a real table, whether with friends or players at the casino. With virtual poker is a bit different. There are certain cards that you want to keep and it’s ano brainerthat the face cards are always kept, as long as there isn’t a triple or a pair comprised by number cards. But because this is a virtual poker game that has elements of an online slot, it is safe to say that it is a game of chance. 

So in thatregardeverything rests on luck. We don’t know if rubbing lucky charms counts as a way of letting lady luck come to your world, but there are all kinds of superstitions that some among our team have resorted to, and, won. So good luck with this strange edition of poker by NetEnt as it is definitely worth trying. 

Joker Wild Bonus Features

Sadly, this game does not have any bonus features, as there isn’t any room or way to implement a free spins bonus or something else along those lines. There is theWIld cardwhich is the joker. In too many virtual poker games the joker does not figure in the deck, so this is a welcome change, courtesy of NetEnt. Since the Joker is in the title, we are inclined to believe (and hope) that this card will appear more often than not during anybody’s gameplay. 

Concluding Remarks

This is one of the rare poker and slot games thathasa retro feel to it. The prizes are interesting too, as playing on the various levels elevates the size of the winnings. Playing at the highest, fifth level, and scoring a Five of a kind or a Natural royal flush, will result in 1000 and 4000 cash respectively. 

To play Joker Wild slot, simply find your welcome bonus on this page, claim it and head to the casino to make use of the bonus cash and other perks that are offered through SlotsWise. 

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